INSIGHT for INCITE: Gus Balbontin

31st January, 2017

INCITE 2017 will be all about confronting the future head-on and embracing the possibilities. That’s something INCITE speaker Gus Balbontin has gone through (once or twice).

Balbontin will be heading to INCITE to talk all things digital transformation, and he knows what he’s talking about.

He ushered iconic travel publishing Lonely Planet through the turbulent times of disruption and led a global restructure of the business while getting it back into the black.

Here’s what he’s looking forward to at INCITE 2017.

Gus Balbontin
Gus Balbontin

One thing I know for sure…

The person that discovered watermelons and brought them back to the tribe would have been regarded as a total legend for centuries… giant pink sweet fruit… epic.

No, but seriously, consider this: businesses, no matter the size, behave like the average of the people it employs.

In other words, we are a fractal of the business and therefore it is critical to work on ourselves as individuals if we want the business to change as a whole.

You need a more flexible business? Employ or develop flexible people.

You need to take more risks? Employ or develop risk taking behaviours in your staff.

The ability for a business to remain relevant and competitive is directly linked to the ability of its people to be so as individuals.

One thing I have no idea about…

I don’t know if watermelons were stumbled upon, or someone was just over cucumbers and decided to mastermind a sweet, pink, larger version of its inferior cousin.

Once we manage to map our brain and all its functions, and the puzzle of consciousness is solved, what will the fabric of organisations look like?

What technological advances will be developed on the back of this to enhance the complex social matrix of a business?

One thing that will change the world… 

If only watermelons… no, just kidding.

Sustainable interplanetary life will dramatically change the world.

The most impactful change beyond the obvious technological ones will be to provide human kind with a new perspective on our existence.

More people will be exposed to a larger contextual understanding of life giving us a better perspective and decision making framework as a species.

One thing I’m looking forward to at INCITE…

As always I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share candid stories of business disruption, innovation, technology and the challenges of transforming a business.

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MYOB INCITE 2017 will reveal how technology is shaping the future of your industry. More importantly, it will challenge you to make a choice. Are you going to sit back and wait to see what tomorrow holds for you? Or are you going to step forward and own tomorrow?