INSIGHT for INCITE : Al Nestor

17th December, 2016

We’re getting excited about INCITE next year, with some truly cool stuff planned. We’ve locked in a few presenters and will be introducing you to them over the next couple of months.

First cab off the rank is our very own Al Nestor, who talks to The Pulse about breadmakers, manholes, and his almost existential dread of putting content together for the show.

Al Nestor
Al Nestor

One thing I know for sure

My wife isn’t going to appreciate the breadmaker I just picked up for her birthday gift as much I would like to imagine she would. I’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake. Maybe I’ll say it’s from the kids…

One thing I have no idea about

OK, this is kind of cheating because I now know the answer, but I had no idea why manhole covers were round until earlier this year.

One thing that will change the world

Affordable sub-orbital spaceflight. I’m pretty certain that being able to the view the whole of earth will be life-changing for all.

One thing I’m looking forward to at INCITE

I’m in turns excited and terrified by INCITE. Excited because I’m working on much of the content of the show; terrified because I’m working on much of the content of the show.


MYOB INCITE 2017 will reveal how technology is shaping the future of your industry. More importantly, it will challenge you to make a choice. Are you going to sit back and wait to see what tomorrow holds for you? Or are you going to step forward and own tomorrow?