MYOB and Kounta: built for hospitality and retail

Growth is easier with integrated point-of-sale and accounting software


MYOB has partnered with Kounta: simple but powerful point-of-sale


Customise your point of sale

Customise your point of sale to work exactly how you need it.

Easily set up multiple sites and registers, add products and variations, set prices, taxes and surcharges and link up your payment systems and printers.


Take orders from anywhere

Take orders at the counter, at the table or via online ordering apps. Easily handle variations and add notes, names and tables to orders. How easy is that?


Handle payments quickl

Quickly take payments at the counter, at the table or via online ordering apps. Split bills, add tips or apply surcharges and accept cash., credit cards, account sales and more.


Easily manage order production and delivery

Assign orders to tables, takeaway or delivery and instantly print production dockets in the kitchen, bar or wherever it needs to be produced.


Build relationships with your customers

Collect customer details and offer VIP discounts or promotions that drive sales and revenue. It’s the little extra things that will make your customers feel like you care.


Get detailed reports on your business

Keep up to date by viewing real-time reports on daily sales, even when you're not at the venue. Dive deeper to see which products are selling, what times of day you're busy, and who your best performing staff are.

MYOB and Kounta love to talk

This bit’s cool: Kounta syncs up with MYOB Essentials and AccountRight so you spend less time manually entering sales data, and more time growing your business.


Sync takings

Automatically sync finalised takings into MYOB, including revenue, tips, money in and out, gift cards and more.

Sync account sales

Sync Account Sales into MYOB to send invoices and receive payments using the built-in Accounts Receivables features.

Support advanced mapping

Map sites, products, payment types, tax codes and more to income accounts in MYOB to get detailed, accurate accounting data.

"We've been able to sell a lot more because we can keep the queues down and the orders flowing. I'd estimate that we make an additional $1000 or more every hour with Kounta. It's been a huge part of our growth."
Abdullah Romay Chief Operations Officer, P&R

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