Tech vendors at INCITE 2020.


22nd January, 2020

Leading tech partners to appear at MYOB INCITE 2020

With the first of the annual roadshow events about to kick off in Brisbane, we’ve asked a few exhibiting tech partners about what they enjoy about MYOB INCITE and the value they can offer.

In the final weeks of preparation of the first MYOB INCITE for 2020 (kicking off in Brisbane on 31 January), the event is already looking choc-full of actionable information for accountants and bookkeepers.

There’s also slated to be more than enough product news to keep MYOB software fanatics on the edge of their seats.

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But it’s not just MYOB tech attendees of INCITE can expect to learn about, with a variety of industry-leading App Partners also booked to appear.

Get to know your future partner

For the uninitiated, these tech providers offer solutions to MYOB clients that either extend or offer specialist integrations to their accounting software – and that means businesses can expect to get more done with MYOB and the right App Partner.

As founder and managing director of FeeSynergy Malcolm Ebb explained, the growth and variety of these solutions has formed a key trend in the business landscape.

“One of the most notable trends in the accounting industry is the exponential growth of cloud-based apps.

“There’s an app for just about anything these days.”

Exclusive App Partners appearing at MYOB INCITE 2020:

  • FeeSynergy (Au & NZ events) – automated debtor management and fee finance solutions
  • FuseWorks (NZ events only) – document collation automation (via FuseDocs)
  • RIP Global (NZ events only) – receipt capture technology
  • Tanda (Au events only) – workforce management solutions
  • Fathom (Au events only) – management reporting and financial analysis
  • Development-X Limited (Au & NZ events) – warehousing and inventory management (via Ostendo)
  • ServiceM8 (Au events only) – trade-based field services management
  • Abtrac (NZ events only) – job management software with online timesheets

In FeeSynergy’s case, that means offering a debtor management platform used by hundreds of accounting firms across Australia and New Zealand, making it quicker and easier for practices to manage their cash flow.

But there’s always more than one way to get a job done, and plenty of suppliers vying to provide a solution. And that creates its own share of complications for prospective clients, Ebb said.

“They need to consider the history and financial strength of the vendor to assess whether or not they’ll be around to provide future support for their products, and that’s on top of things like data security, privacy, ease of integration and price.”

But even if you’re not in the market to acquire a new solution, there’s plenty more to be gained from MYOB’s App Partners at INCITE 2020.

Advisor learning opportunities abound

Chatting with App Partners doesn’t mean discussing their products alone. That’s because they’re keen to discuss your unique challenges, as well as general industry trends and all things MYOB.

Which means having a chat with key App Partners in between INCITE speaker sessions is a must for all advisors seeking to find the best way to streamline their work.

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Partner consultant for management reporting and financial analysis software provider Fathom, Allanah Miller said her team always looks forward to high-calibre conversations at MYOB INCITE.

“Fathom has attended INCITE for the last four years,” said Miller.

“For us, the event has always been an opportunity to keep in touch with accounting industry trends, and to chat with our customers about the year ahead and any goals they’ve set for themselves and their practice.”

While plenty of attendees are interested in learning about Fathom’s capabilities, the conversations extend well beyond.

Everything’s on the table

“We might be providing a general introduction to Fathom or discussing how to streamline reporting workflows across a firm.

“Other attendees will be interested in best practices for delivering management reports, or just an informal chat about trends and industry news.”

Jeff Keith, managing director for software development firm Development-X Limited, agreed with Miller, citing high-level conversations with practice owners and managers as being a key part of his INCITE experience.

“We often have conversations about specific business issues that an advisor is dealing with,” said Keith.

“This can relate to one company or could be applicable to a number of companies they’re working with.

“It may not always be a straight forward answer, but it is often invaluable to have these discussions to better understand what is really happening at the coal face.”