Business resources to help you get started

How to develop a plan for your small business

After making the exciting decision to start their very own business, prospective business owners often run into a problem - what's next?

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How to prepare for the minimum wage increase

With a proposed increase of the minimum wage to $20 by 2021, business owners should start planning now. MYOB is here to help.

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Naming and registering your business

After making the exciting decision to become a business owner, it's time to officially name and legally register your new business.

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Create a legal invoice

Whether you've only done one invoice or a thousand, it never hurts to make sure your invoices are up to scratch.

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All you need to know about GST registration and calculation

Many don't give it much more thought, however - how does GST affect you personally, particularly as a small business owner?

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How to start employing

Taking on your first employee is a big moment for any business - but is your business ready?

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You can customise the MYOB invoice template with your own details and logo.

Free invoice template

Get on top of your accounting needs with one small step. Start using our free invoice template today, and make tomorrow easier.