Payroll doesn't need to be hard...

We can help you there. Payroll software takes the stress away and keeps you compliant.

Online payroll software: peace of mind in a few clicks


automate your payroll

Automate your payroll obligations

Adding your first paid staff member is a real why make it hard on yourself?

Online payroll software handles entire pay runs in minutes, and automates all the hard stuff: automatically calculate and record leave balances, track your PAYE, take care of your KiwiSaver obligations and more.

Automate entire wage payments, monthly reporting and even PAYE payments to Inland Revenue. How's that for easy?

Online payroll software makes doing the books so easy, you might even look forward to it.

always online, always updated

Always online, always updated

Payroll law is no joke, but we've got you covered. With automatic updates every time there's a change, you never have to worry about getting on the wrong side of the law.

Plus, detailed records are at your fingertips: timesheets on desktop or mobile, parental or annual leave records, and more. Features like government deductions and complying with employee termination laws are a piece of cake.

Here comes the kicker - accounting and payroll in one solution means your accounts are automatically updated when you do the pay run – no manual journal entries!

software that grows with you

Payroll software that grows with you

Paying a few staff is different from paying 200. (Duh). That's why software scales with you, and all your payroll information tags along too.

If your payroll is getting into the hundreds, gain features like the ability to handle employee self-administration, complex timesheets, backpay, powerful time and attendance features, automate entire pay runs and more.

Is your payroll getting too big to handle?


Save 40% of the time you spend on payroll!*


Get precious time back

Customers who use our payroll software say they save 40% of time on payroll tasks. Speaks for itself, really.


Support you can't get anywhere else

Unrivalled support via phone, chat or email with extended hours for when you need us most.


We're the payroll experts

Trusted by 1.2 million customers, we've been supplying payroll solutions for 20 years.

* Source: Customer survey via MYOB Client Insights Panel, June 2014.


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Essentials Payroll

$ 30

Easy online payroll for 1-10 employees. Easily upgrade to accounting software

ACE Payroll

$ 379

Desktop payroll for 1-20 employees

IMS Payroll

$ 740

Online payroll for 21-500 employees, with detailed job costing

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Timesheets, rostering and payroll all work together. That's why we offer add-ons that can plug in to our products and give you even more powerful features and depth - and it all talks with your MYOB software.


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