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$5/month for the first 8 months. So good, it doesnt add up.

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Do business anywhere from any device

Not at your desk? Not a problem. Send invoices, manage cashflow, track expenses and collaborate from any browser or device.

Keep your data safe and secure

All your data is backed up in real-time and stored safely in the cloud, so you can work from the office or on-the-go.

Capture expenses on-the-go

Get rid of those old receipts – MYOB Business lets you snap a photo of your receipt and reconciles it with your bank transaction.

Accounting software that makes integration easy

Connect to the software and banks you already use

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It's easy to get started with MYOB Business Lite

MYOB Business


For sole traders and small business with up to 2 employees.

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    Create and send unlimited professional invoices and quotes
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    Track income and expenses
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    Connect up to 2 bank accounts
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    Track and report GST
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    Scan and store receipts
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    Manage tax and basic reports
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    Accept payments
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    Track jobs
From$5.00/month + GST
Save $216 over 8 months
$32/month after offer period

Got more complex business needs?

Integrate financials, operations and workforce management with advanced software

For bigger businesses, we have software options that can handle complex financial structures, from intercompany reporting and consolidation, to international compliance and multi-currency options.

Discover advanced financial management software

All your questions answered about MYOB accounting software:

What is accounting software?


At its simplest, accounting software is a computer program that helps you do your accounting tasks. It's designed to make things more streamlined (and your life a lot easier!).

One of the benefits to having accounting software (like MYOB software) is that it keeps everything in one place. Managing your business processes in one program means you don't have to make sense of 12 different spreadsheets or crumpled receipts in that messy kitchen drawer.

All your accounting stuff, whether it's basic like your bank feeds, or sophisticated like advanced reporting, is in the program. 

Accounting software is usually hosted online, or sometimes it’s a desktop program that you download to your computer. 

What are the different types of accounting software?


Online accounting software, also known as cloud accounting software, is accessed on a browser and requires internet access. 

In contrast, desktop accounting software is installed as a program on a desktop or laptop computer. It may or may not require the internet for use. 

What are the benefits of online accounting software?


With online accounting software, your data is stored in the cloud. Cloud storage usually has more room than other forms of data storage, meaning you can store (and access) more data with your software.

Online accounting software is super user-friendly. It’s easy to get updates, so your software can constantly get better. You can access your online accounting software from a desktop, mobile or tablet, as well as all browsers.

Online accounting software is easy to customise and plays nice with other programs. You can sync up other tools and apps to your software so it does what you need it to do.

How do I migrate from another accounting software to MYOB?


You can use our free migration service to safely move your accounting data from Xero, QuickBooks Desktop or Reckon to MYOB. 

If you want to migrate your accounting data from an Excel spreadsheet, follow these step-by-step instructions

How long does it take to set up?


Just a few minutes — honestly.

  1. Choose the software plan that's right for your business

  2. Sign up to access your software immediately

  3. Log in to your software. Once you've logged in, we'll guide you through the set-up so you can spend less time on admin and more time doing what you do best.

Can I change my software plan later?


You sure can. If your business grows (congrats!) and you need software with a few more features like inventory or payroll, you can upgrade your account in just a few clicks.