Easy online accounting software for your hospitality business

From cafés and hotels to coffee shops and restaurants, manage your suppliers, cash flow and employees simply.

The features that hospitality businesses need most, all in one place


Manage your suppliers and vendors

Keep track of your invoices and bills, so you never have a surprise cost.


Control cash flow and bank accounts

Plan and budget for your future, so you're never out of pocket.


Organise and pay your employees

Add in useful apps for rosters and payroll, so you can be the best boss.

Popular hospitality accounting software

For solo or small businesses


To manage suppliers and bank accounts, pay a few employees with payroll, and keep on top of tax and budgets.

For bigger or growing businesses


All the handy features in Essentials plus multi-currency, location and employee options – as well as point of sale and roster apps too.

With apps for payroll and point of sale, you'll never flick between screens again

Connect the apps you need to your MYOB account so you can manage everything from one place.

Here's just a few favourite apps for hospitality.


Organise employee timesheets and calendars.


Track over-the-counter sales and performance.


Manage guest bookings and supplier distribution.

Less time on the books, more time behind the bar

Adrian went for MYOB so he can keep on top of his cash flow and accounts without spending hours at a desk.