Growing your business faster with freelancers

6th April, 2017

The gig economy – which involves more short-term and task-based work and is  being hyped as the industrial revolution of our time – has transformed the way we work and do business.

Access to remote employees has changed the definition of work itself and the workplace dramatically.

More and more business owners and employees are working from home or off-site, and more and more people are working as consultants or freelancers.

Some business owners prefer to hire full time employees, and that’s okay.

But it might be a good time to ask yourself whether you need to hire full-time employees for them to complete simple tasks or whether these tasks could be done with freelancers.

Fortunately, there are some ways to take your business to new heights without sacrificing your business’ profitability or losing your peace of mind.

Freelancers can help you grow your company faster, so don’t be afraid to hire them.

Great freelancers run their own business, which thrives on repeat work and repeat customers.

They strive to turn in their best work, every time, to maintain a great working relationship.

Look beyond their minimal rates and instead explore their knowledge, skills and experience; their experience has more value than what they charge per hour.

You can start by offloading smaller tasks to freelancers while freeing yourself up to look for new opportunities for growth in your business.

With the dramatic rise in talent-pairing platforms to hire IT pros, developers, writers, designers, marketers, business consultants you can find any employee to complete your most unique jobs.

If you’re using freelancers to fuel your business, it can create difficulty come tax time – but with online accounting software this becomes a breeze.

It gives a more accurate view of your cash flow and makes your tax obligations easier by storing your bills and freelancer invoices securely in your accounts.

If you have employees, you can get real-time access to timesheets, which employees can enter online or via smartphones with their hours and notes automatically imported.

Try MYOB, it’s free for 30 days.