How to use LinkedIn to turbo-charge your marketing for free

8th November, 2017

LinkedIn can be a great recruitment tool for talent, but it’s more than that. It can be used as a great channel for marketing – if you don’t ignore your company page.

Everybody on LinkedIn can create a company page for their business for free where they can promote their brand story and messages, but most companies are only really using it to post job ads.

Just running job ads may alert people to opportunities with your organisation, but it doesn’t tell prospective hires about why they should come to work for your company.

It also doesn’t tell a global audience of more than five million anything about your company and the products or services the business offers.

So how do you turn your LinkedIn page from a glorified job board to a place which can market your company effectively?

5 ways to unlock the gold mine

Clearly it isn’t a case of build it and they will come.

Your employees should become followers of your company page on LinkedIn as a minimum professional requirement. But you’ll need to do more to make your page engaging and to attract followers.

Here are five simple ways to get the most from your LinkedIn company page.

1. Fill in all your company details

Particularly the “About Us” bit, and make it compelling.

Make the first two sentences all about how you help your clients. Put simply, in those first two sentences explain what your business does.

Then fill in the rest of the box with meaningful words about the services or products you offer. If you put too little in here, it makes it harder for people to find your business.

Google likes LinkedIn as it’s content rich, so filling in the content helps you be found. With that in mind, make sure your company website is linked correctly.

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2. Post something

If you have a news or resources page on your website, start there.

There’s bound to be some engaging and useful content in here.

Simply share this to your company page too.

3. Share interesting articles from other sources

For example, if you’re in the home design business share some of the stories and articles out there about the latest trends in home design.

If you can grow followers from having great and engaging content, that’s great news.

People will visit your page if it gives them the information they are looking for in one convenient place (and the page your sharing content from won’t mind either).

As a blatant plug, I’d suggest this very site has some great content you can share.

4. Create a separate careers page

People think of LinkedIn as basically a place where you can post jobs and put up your resume for recruiters to trawl through – but it’s more than that.

It’s also a professional social media platform.

So, don’t just clog your main page with job adverts. You wouldn’t do it with your website’s homepage, so why do it on your company page?

LinkedIn has an excellent feature where you can upload a careers page. Use this to talk about your culture and what candidates can expect.

And when the time is right, post those job adverts.

5. Create a showcase page

Do you have a new product? Does your company run a regular quarterly event? Then you can create a showcase page which is absolutely perfect for this.

It’s another avenue to literally showcase your company, and it’s free for companies of all size.


Hopefully these have got you thinking about how you can use a LinkedIn company page not only to recruit talent but showcase your company as at the forefront of industry trends.