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19th January, 2023

LinkedIn leaders: 5 business thinkers to follow in 2023

Get the latest insights and strategic advice from the best business minds online, starting with these suggestions for you to follow.

It’s early in the new year and many of us are still clinging on to unrealistic resolutions: starting a new diet, reading (more) books or pursuing strict exercise regimes.

As the concept of a ‘digital detox’ rises in popularity, the notion of recalibrating our interactions with devices enters the new year’s conversation. And, if less is more regarding how we use social media, for example, then taking time to reassess who we connect with and follow on these platforms could be a great way to start.

For entrepreneurs and business managers, LinkedIn is an ideal resource for networking, uncovering new trends and gleaning practicable insights. So, if you’re business minded and looking for an easy way to change your digital habits, start by looking at who you’re following.

As a platform, LinkedIn continues to grow and evolve, so new thought leaders appear regularly. Plus, with many business topics to address, there are always more experts to discover.

To get you started, here are five of our favourite, local business leaders you should be following in 2023.

1. Dr. Catriona Wallace

Dr. Catriona Wallace is an internationally recognised entrepreneur and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert, having founded and chaired several businesses in the AI space. Awarded the Most Influential Woman in Business & Entrepreneurship by the Australian Financial Review, she’s appeared as a keynote speaker at numerous events worldwide, including for MYOB at our INCITE events held at the beginning of 2020.

With deep expertise in machine learning, AI and how they’re used in business, you’ll find following Wallace affords you a pragmatic, easy-to-follow perspective of a very technical field.

You’ll find her on LinkedIn here.

2. Adam Schwab

Adam Schwab began his career as a corporate lawyer, but has since gone on to develop a reputation as a successful business leader, investor and commentator. Not only is he CEO of travel brand Luxury Escapes, which he co-founded, he also writes opinions on various business-relevant topics for Crikey.

On top of all that, Schwab also hosts his own podcast – so, for those that would rather listen to business experts sharing tips and tales rather than read about them, be sure to check out the From Zero.

You can follow him on LinkedIn here.

3. Joyce Ong

Ever wanted to know see a vibrant, honest and direct approach to brand building in what’s been a highly competitive, buttoned-down space?

Joyce Ong is a Melbourne-based tax expert and co-founder of Tax Nuggets Academy with a knack for telling it like it is in a unique way. Follow Ong for insights on tax and running a business, paired with a healthy serving of situation comedy on the side.

Click to follow Joyce Ong and join the Tax Nuggets Academy fanclub.

4. Valantis Vais

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to include one of our own thought leaders, MYOB Head of Product Valantis Vais. Not only has he written for The Pulse, Vais acts as an MYOB spokesperson to the media and provides regularly updates and insights to LinkedIn on topics including investing and digital transformation.

As a wealth of B2B resources and information, Vais is a must-follow, especially for anyone interested in learning more about MYOB’s evolution in the mid-market.

Find him on LinkedIn via this link.

5. Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin has built her career as a marketer over two decades and, as such, is worth listening to when it comes to all things marketing, communications and martech. Now, as a Senior Content Marketing Consultant for LinkedIn, Martin’s ideas are getting more visibility than ever.

Most recently highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of using AI for copy production, Martin’s advice is consistently clear and pragmatic.

See more of her great content on LinkedIn, here.

Have we missed any business thought leaders you think deserve an inclusion? Tell us about them on email: