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6th July, 2023

Unleashing business potential: MYOB Business shortlisted for esteemed SaaS Awards

Small businesses need business management solutions built for their specific needs, to tackle running every element of their business, from accounting to finances to supply chain and everything in between.

MYOB has been recognised for innovation across three categories at the SaaS Awards for its MYOB Business solution, including Best SaaS Product for Small Businesses / SMEs, Best SaaS Product for Financial Services and Best SaaS Product for Supply Chain / Warehouse Management.

These nominations are a testament to our investment in market-leading small business solutions that help businesses realise their potential.

ROI of business digitisation

About the SaaS Awards

The SaaS Awards program is a globally recognised benchmark for software-as-a-service companies, celebrating excellence and innovation in software solutions.

Making it to the shortlist of these awards, highlights MYOB’s commitment to creating smarter and more efficient business management solutions.

Open to organisations across the globe, the SaaS Awards is the largest and most prominent recognition platform of its kind.

With categories that cover various industry verticals, business sizes, and geographical regions, the SaaS Awards honour the best and brightest organisations propelling the world of digital technology.

The multiple SME award nominations secured by MYOB for the SaaS Awards are a testament to a commitment to delivering unparalleled business solutions.

It’s not only an acknowledgement of the software’s robust functionality but also an endorsement of the innovation of MYOB Business.

In addition to the MYOB Business nominations, MYOB was also shortlisted in seven categories for its mid-market solutions MYOB Advanced Business, MYOB Advanced Construction, and MYOB Advanced Professional Services, making it a remarkable ten total nominations for SaaS Awards.

The SME solution you need

As part of the MYOB business management platform, MYOB Business is a scalable system made for SMEs, to run their entire business.

It enables businesses to easily manage their key workflows in one place, helping reduce admin time, increase data accuracy, and create cost saving efficiencies.

Further, it enables businesses to automate day-to-day operations to simplify tasks, while also providing a clear view of finances.

The seamless integration of solutions to help with the management of customers, supply chain, employees, projects, finances, and accounting effectively meets the diverse needs of SMEs.

This integration eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions, reducing both complexity and cost.

One of MYOB Business’s crowning glories, lies in its unique finance workflow offering, powered by Butn.

By integrating Butn into the MYOB platform, businesses can now fund their invoices on the spot, enabling a smoother cash flow.

This game-changing feature addresses one of the most significant pain points for SMEs – maintaining a healthy cashflow.

By offering fast, flexible, and secure invoice financing, MYOB and Butn have effectively closed the gap between an invoice issued and an invoice paid, allowing SMEs to manage their finances proactively.

Butn is more than a feature — it’s a solution designed to help businesses stay agile, maintain liquidity, and continue to grow even in the face of challenges.

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This kind of innovative thinking and problem-solving is precisely what the SaaS Awards celebrate.

MYOB Business being shortlisted for three SaaS Awards is a testament to its innovative solutions, customer-centric approach, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

It is a clear validation of its place as a leader in the SaaS market and within the SME sphere.

But what makes these nominations even more special is the recognition that MYOB is not just a platform.

It’s a partner, a solution-provider, and a facilitator of growth for SMEs.

MYOB Business empowers SMEs, drives innovation, and helps businesses adapt to the digital revolution.

Discover how MYOB Business can drive your business to unleashing true potential.