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Turn your unpaid invoices into funding with Butn.*

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Invoice financing keeps your cashflow flowing

We’ve partnered with Butn to provide eligible MYOB customers with quick and convenient invoice financing. Borrow money against your unpaid invoices, get paid in as little as 24 hours and keep your business moving.

Log in and apply for invoice funding now

How to apply for invoice financing with Butn


Log into MYOB or your AccountRight browser and click on 'Banking.' From the dropdown menu, select 'Loans and finance'.


Navigate to the Butn section, click ‘Set up invoice financing’ and follow the prompts to sign up with Butn.


Once approved, click the 'Fund this invoice' link on any eligible unpaid invoice.


Get up to 100% of your invoice funded by Butn minus funding fees (subject to loan approval).

You can also click the 'Fund this invoice with Butn' link on the top right of your invoice to sign up with Butn.

Once you've signed up with Butn, you can finance as many invoices as you need.^

Want faster access to your own money?


Stay in control

Access your money before your clients have paid. Request funding for any open invoice to take control of your cashflow.


Financing made easy

Butn is integrated into your MYOB software, so you can see your lending status and pre-fill your account info with ease.


Simplified pricing

No ongoing fees or early repayment charges. Pay a one-time set-up fee then a percentage of each loan, to keep surprises at bay.^

"Butn is simple and easy to use and because it's within MYOB, it's quick to get started. Butn has definitely assisted my business. Payments were quick, and the service was personalised. Dealing with the same person every time really adds to the service."
Tom - MYOB | BUTN Customer Tommy Hawkins Flooring

Frequently asked questions

What is invoice financing? Toggle Section

Invoice financing lets you borrow money based on what your clients owe you. Leverage your unpaid invoices to access cashflow without waiting for your clients to pay.

How does Butn invoice financing work with MYOB? Toggle Section

With Butn, you can choose which of your eligible invoices you want an advance on and get up to 100% of the invoice value funded (minus funding fees) in as little as 24 hours (once your initial account application has been approved).

Butn is integrated into MYOB Business, making it easy to request advance payments within your existing MYOB software. Simply select the invoice you want to fund (or create a new one), then click the 'Fund this invoice' button to kick things off.

You can also check your funding status and reconcile your invoices, all within MYOB Business.

Who can apply? Toggle Section

We only display the registration link to MYOB users who meet certain eligibility criteria: namely, registered Australian businesses who have been in business at least 12 months.

This helps ensure those applying have a high chance of being approved by Butn, so businesses don't waste time filling out an application only to be declined.

Who is Butn? Toggle Section

Butn Limited (ACN 644 182 883) is an Australian business-to-business financing company. They offer a range of funding solutions to help small businesses manage their cashflow and provide them with faster access to their money. Visit for more information.

Why has MYOB partnered with Butn? Toggle Section

We've partnered with Butn to help approved MYOB customers better manage their cashflow. You can read an announcement about the partnership in the press section of the MYOB website.

How do I apply for Butn invoice financing? Toggle Section

You can apply for a Butn account from the Loans and Finance section of the software or any open invoice in MYOB Business or when accessing AccountRight from the browser (eligible customers only). If approved, you can request funding for your individual invoices by clicking the 'Fund this invoice' button on the top right of your invoice.

Here's how the process works in more detail:

1. Applying for a Butn account

Complete a one-off registration process with Butn. Butn will then perform a fraud check and credit assessment on each director of your company. If successful, you and each director of the business will be sent an End User Agreement to sign and file with Butn. You're now able to request funding for individual invoices.

2. Requesting funding for an invoice

You can submit requests for invoices to be funded from the invoice screen in your MYOB accounting software. Simply visit the Loans and Finance section of the software or click the 'Fund this invoice' link on the top right of any open, eligible invoice.

You'll then be directed to your Butn portal to review and submit the funding request (or 'transaction', as Butn calls it).

If this is your first transaction, you'll now need to enter your bank details. This step establishes your trading history and verifies the bank account Butn will levy fees from.

How long does it take to complete an application with Butn? Toggle Section

As little as 15 minutes (assuming you have all the necessary documentation). You'll then need all of your directors to review and sign the Butn End User Agreement before filing with Butn. 

Once your account is created, Butn will review your application. If approved, you'll be able to request funding for an invoice in a matter of minutes from your MYOB software.

Is there a limit to how much funding I can get? Toggle Section

Yes, though it varies depending on the circumstances of your business. Butn will determine how much they can fund as part of your application process.

How can I get in touch with Butn? Toggle Section

You can call Butn on 1300 333 863 or email them at

* MYOB is an investor in and has a paid partnership with Butn Limited (ACN 644 182 883) (Butn) for the provision of invoice financing services by Butn to MYOB customers. All applications are subject to approval in accordance with Butn’s onboarding criteria and onboarding process, including any agreement that is signed by you setting out terms and conditions between yourself and Butn. MYOB receives a flat fee plus a volume-based fee and bonus from Butn based on the net revenue Butn earns from MYOB customers using Butn services.

^ Subject to your unique credit limit determined by Butn. For more conditions and a detailed pricing breakdown, refer to the Butn terms and conditions on the Butn website and the agreement between yourself and Butn.