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Tomorrow’s invoices paid today, with invoice financing

Turn your unpaid invoices into funding, and access up to 100% of the value of your invoice with Butn.

Terms and conditions apply*

Invoice financing and reconciliation, all in the one place.

Financing made easy

Access your money before your clients have paid. Application is fast and simple, all from your MYOB account.

Grow your funding limit

Butn offers a growing funding limit that adapts to the changing requirements of your business.

Simple pricing

No ongoing feeds or early repayment charges. Pay a fixed fee per transaction to keep surprises at bay^

Man from Maningham Fine Foods, user of Butn invoice financing, stands smiling in warehouse

Maningham Fine Foods

“Having that extra confidence of being able to pay your bills, knowing as soon as we send out an invoice we can use that invoice as cash straight away is a game changer”

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Invoice financing keeps your cashflow flowing

We’ve partnered with Butn to provide eligible MYOB customers with quick and convenient invoice financing. Borrow money against your unpaid invoices, get paid in as little as 24 hours and keep your business moving.

How to apply for invoice financing with Butn

  1. Log into MYOB or your AccountRight browser and click on 'Banking.' From the dropdown menu, select 'Loans and finance'.

  2. Navigate to the Butn section, click ‘Set up invoice financing’ and follow the prompts to sign up with Butn.

  3. Once approved, click the 'Fund this invoice' link on any eligible unpaid invoice.

  4. Get up to 100% of your invoice funded by Butn minus funding fees (subject to loan approval).

You can also click the 'Fund this invoice with Butn' link on the top right of your invoice to sign up with Butn.

Once you've signed up with Butn, you can finance as many invoices as you need.^

Need help getting started? Watch the video below for a brief tutorial.

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