5th December, 2019

MYOB INCITE 2020: Accounting and bookkeeping leaders unite!

Every year the MYOB INCITE roadshow brings together the best in accounting and bookkeeping across Australia and New Zealand, so they can lift the lid on the tech they need to support their clients.

From tradies to technicians, staying on top of your toolset is an important part of any profession.

And that’s before considering the specialist technology required by those managing the books, payroll and tax compliance of other businesses (no prizes for guessing who that might be!).

We get it. Handling the bookkeeping and accounting for small-to-medium businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand is tough work. New legislation is constantly forcing changes in compliance work, while new tech means constantly updating processes.

That’s why MYOB INCITE is a key event for many leading advisors in both Australia and New Zealand. This roadshow not only lets you get the drop on what’s to come, it’s also designed to polish your skills with the software set you already have.

Practice strategy, business advisory and in-depth product knowledge are all part of the agenda. But, even better, this is an event that does its best to come to you – which is why there will be seven Metro INCITE events and 29 Regional ones occurring from January to March.

2020 is the year the Connected Practice comes to life

The contemporary concept for how business advisors known as the Connected Practice has garnered plenty of attention in recent years, as MYOB heralded a new way of working for business advisors worldwide.

It’s also set the course for our own software enhancements, and you’ll have noticed plenty of new apps and features from MYOB materialising over the past few years.

But, in 2020, you can look forward to the Connected Practice really coming to life, as MYOB presents game-changing enhancements that usher in a single, integrated solution – doing away with the inefficiencies of running a complicated tech stack of disparate solutions.

As was the case at INCITE 2019, there’ll also be MYOB experts on hand to help you develop a personalised plan to help you transition seamlessly into a truly Connected Practice.

Get more, go Metro

For those available to attend one of the Metro INCITE events there’s even more on offer, starting with a selection of MYOB Ecosystem apps and add-ons.

Given these events tend to be much larger than their Regional counterparts, and you’ll be among the first to hear from MYOB’s new chief executive, Greg Ellis.

Ellis has spent the past 10 years leading various tech companies in Australia and beyond, and he’ll no doubt be bringing a fresh perspective along on how he intends to lead MYOB into the future.

Hold onto your hat! It’s going to be a huge year ahead.