Taking your clients to the cloud in the new financial year

23rd March, 2015

March 31 is both a beginning and an end. For many practices, it signals the end of tax planning and the beginning of several months of tax returns – for individuals and businesses.

For many it’s also a trigger point for helping their clients make a fresh start to the new financial year. Indeed, much like the calendar new year feels like a chance for new beginnings, so too the financial new year offers businesses the opportunity to start afresh.

Perhaps not surprisingly for an MYOB blog post, the most obvious example of new starts is a shiny new accounting solution.

Imagine having access to your clients’ data whenever you need it? Imagine making adjustments to their data during the year whenever you needed to, not just at tax time? Imagine having incredibly accurate automated bank feeds to reduce data entry time (and errors).

Now imagine having someone do all the work in getting your clients to an online solution. Too good to be true?

The easy way to move your clients online

Right now you can move your clients to the cloud by letting your MYOB Partner Manager do the heavy lifting for you. After you’ve established which of your clients will benefit from moving online, the solution best suited to their needs, and the best recommendation model for your practice, your trusty partner manager will manage the rest of the potentially time-consuming tasks.

We have a specialist set-up team that will work with you and your clients to ensure you are both enjoying the benefits of working together online in no time.

Pretty cool, huh?

And now’s the right time to get those clients online. After all, how good would it be to say to them – when you catch up in the next few months – that 2015 will be the last time they have to go through this stress.

Even cooler, right?

You can read more about it on the end of financial resource hub. Or you can give your friendly partner manager a bell. You’ll find yours on 0800 69 62 72.

Book into a free 30 minute webinar

Or, you could attend the freebie online showcase on Wednesday 25 March called ‘Taking your clients to the cloud with MYOB’. In this snappy session you’ll:

  • Hear interesting insights into the cloud accounting industry showing where the market is moving (HINT: in 2015, cloud accounting is mainstream).
  • Discover how your MYOB Partner Manager can put together a project plan that will get your clients up and running on the correct product that suits both the practice needs and their client’s needs.
  • Learn about the three referral models that we offer for flexibility

And as a bonus, you’ll even hear about additional services for your practice and your clients to ensure you’re both supported beyond the purchase of your new software.

What do you think? worth 30 minutes of your time? There’s literally no time like the present to get your clients on a new solution for the new financial year!

Book into ‘Taking your clients to the cloud with MYOB’