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6th August, 2020

5 things to love about the new Connected Ledger

For accountants and bookkeepers trying to effectively manage their clients’ finances, easy-to-use cloud tools are a must. In this article, Chris McCormack discusses the key features that make the new Connected Ledger stand out.

Connected Ledger is a game changer for MYOB Partners. Used mostly by accountants and some bookkeepers, Connected Ledger provides a suite of tools that will help any advisor better manage their portfolio.

Think of the new Connected Ledger as the cashbook of the future. It handles all the data you need to easily manage your clients’ transaction processing, cash flow management reporting, expenses, profit and loss and more.

So whether you’re an existing MYOB Partner looking to get the most from your software, or you’re considering making the change, here are the five features and functions in Connected Ledger worth taking a second look at.

1. Enhanced Reporting

Originally, Connected Ledger had some great reporting, but based on customer feedback, we’ve spent some time building out this set of features.

Customers wanted to get more detail in some reports, but also to personalise them. The great news with Connected Ledger is that you can do that, and more.

We’ve also tweaked the interface so you can more easily expand and collapse reports, save custom reports for future use and favourite your most frequently used reports.

2. Report packs

On the topic of being able to designate favourite reports, now you can build up your own series of reports to produce simultaneously. This means, within a couple of clicks, you’ve produced the essential reports that any business owner needs to know. Things like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, GST Reporting – you name it.

What’s better, you can also add in cover pages to reports, add logos and a table of contents.

3. User Management

Security is paramount in the world we live in today.

While trying to run a business, you need peace of mind that only certain people have access to the most critical and intimate parts of the business.

In Connected Ledger, setting up users and applying restrictions handles security really nicely. Even better, there’s now a ‘read-only’ function added in, so that users can look without any ability to edit your clients’ data.

4. MYOB Capture

Who enjoys keeping receipts for everything? Few do! If you or your clients aren’t already using MYOB Capture, then it’s time to give it a whirl.

The MYOB Capture app allows users to snap a photo of their receipt (fuel receipts, parking receipts and so on) and, once they’ve snapped their receipt using the app, it’s sent straight into the In Tray. This means when the bank feed comes in, you’ll be able to match the source document (receipt) to the bank feed.

MYOB Capture is the perfect app for those that are paperless, and allows collaboration between you and your client even more. Even better, this new app is a free add-on that works seamless with MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger, for you and your clients.

5. Jobs

Hot off the press! Job management is now available in the new Connected Ledger. This handy feature is perfect for those businesses who have multiple projects (or jobs) on the go, and need to track different activities, including Profit and Loss.

I mentioned enhanced reporting earlier, well, you’ll find some great Jobs reporting in the new Connected Ledger.

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There are so many more great things about the new Connected Ledger – quick access to create new transactions, a refined bank transactions window and enhanced help articles to help reduce the chance of any hurdles, allowing you to get more work done fast.

Is it time you took a closer look at the new Connected Ledger? Find out more today.