30th January, 2023

MYOBelieve: Unleash your business potential

We know business managers are losing time and resources on over-complicated tech. Now’s the time to believe in a better way with the MYOB business management platform.

If you’ve ever managed a business, you’ll know it takes a lot of hard work and resilience just to keep the lights on.

In recent years, Australian and New Zealand businesses have proved this point time and again. But even after surviving a global pandemic and multiple economic headwinds, there are still problems to be solved.

In the rush to acquire more advanced digital solutions, many businesses are now suffering from the result — overly complex technology is making business more difficult, not easier. Sound familiar?

Well, at MYOB we believe there’s a better way. And we’re shouting it from the rooftops.

Businesses are being held back

Last year, our research into digitisation among small and medium businesses (SMEs) revealed many are facing significant issues that resulted from acquiring new solutions, leading to lost productivity, increased risk and more room for errors.

Perhaps most concerning is the finding that seven out of 10 Aussie SMEs and eight out of 10 Kiwi SMEs told us they’re making decisions without full visibility of their business.

We also know this isn’t just an issue for SMEs. Larger, more complex businesses face significant problems when trying to integrate a range of expensive business management solutions.

All of this means businesses are being limited because of one thing: disconnection.

MYOBelieve in a business management platform

If you hope to address the challenge of disconnection, you need to find a way to avoid task duplication, reduce manual processes and gain oversight over all your important business data.

Trying to integrate a wide array of expensive, complicated products that deliver a working solution adds further expense (and the uncertainty of whether it can continue to meet your needs into the future).

To fight against the drag of disconnection, you need a business management platform that has all the fundamental tasks integrated in one place, and that will scale as your business grows.

Didn’t know MYOB could do that? Now’s the time to MYOBelieve.

“Our customers have been clamouring for solutions that has stretched us far beyond pure accounting tech for many years, hungry for solutions in payroll, inventory management and more besides,” says MYOB’s General Manager — SME, Emma Fawcett.

“It just makes sense that, if we can bring all these integral functions together in one place, then we could offer a holistic solution that overcomes the issues caused by digital disconnection.

“And that’s exactly what the MYOB business management platform does.”

Smoother workflows, better cashflow

Today, the MYOB business management platform brings together six key workflows that will deliver the most impact to the most local businesses, integrating a wide range of tasks from marketing to job management, expense tracking to payroll and so much more.

Watch the above video to find out how the MYOB business management platform works in Australia. For New Zealand businesses, click here.

“MYOB’s already at the core of over a million small businesses, helping operators manage their finances, taxes and more,” says Emma.

“If we’re able to help with all of their key business workflows, then we can help them achieve true productivity, efficiency and overall performance.”

Ready to find out how to unleash the potential of your business? Integrate your key workflows with MYOB in Australia, here. For New Zealand business operators, learn more about the MYOB business management platform here.