5th August, 2020

MYOB product updates for advisors – July 2020

We’re starting the quarter with some major releases, including workflow enhancements to save you time, Connected Ledger in NZ, and multicurrency arrives in General Journals.

With the End of Financial Year period drawing to a close, we’re looking back at some of the major enhancements and new product features that landed in July.

Read on to find out how the tools you use to run your practice and your clients’ businesses are changing.

MYOB Essentials upgrades (NZ-only)

Earlier in the year at the Incite Roadshow, we announced major enhancements to the Essentials Connected Ledger product, the MYOB Partner-only Essentials cashbook file. This upgrade has now been released.

Brand new Connected Ledger files will all be on the new Essentials. Enhancements include mobile responsiveness, powerful reporting, workflow improvements and reporting as well as other requested features.

We’ll progressively upgrade current users to the new Connected Ledger, while also bringing the rest of the Essentials suite up to date with the same functionality throughout 2020.

Bank Transactions screen workflow enhancements

Our developers are constantly looking at the minor improvements we can deliver that make a world of different to our clients less clicks and scrolling means more work efficiency.

Some of those changes are to the Bank Transaction screen within the Essentials product. This was released to a small subset of users in July with further rollouts planned throughout August.

Some of the enhancements include:

  • Updated page width — we’ve reduced the page margins to allow more information on the page and less scrolling for you
  • Expanded bank transaction tabs
  • Expanded bank transaction drop zone & drop zone behavior
  • Expanded bank transaction match tab layout
  • Expanded bank transaction allocate tab layout
  • Update to the transfer money tab

There’s no action needed for our Advisors to take in order to access these updates, are they’ve been released into the new Essentials product already.

Watch this space for August releases, because it’s already looking to be a good one.

AE/AO 2020.0a Hotfix (Australia-only)

At the end of July there was an AE/AO Hotfix release to fix some of the issues from the first AE/AO release earlier in the month. (A hotfix is a ‘patch’ or minor release where only bugs identified in the initial release are fixed.)

This release also includes some updates to support EOFY updates for 2020.

For the all the release notes please see here.

Work begun in July: Multicurrency appears

If you or your client deals with multiple currencies in your software, you will need a multicurrency feature, which allows you to track the currency exchanges within your software.

Multicurrency was introduced to our online programs and it continues to be built out with a much-requested feature, General Journals for Multi-Currency currently being worked on and is planned for a delivery this quarter.

Developers have done bulk of the work during July with the aim to include this feature in the AccountRight 2020.3 update later in the quarter.

Want to stay in the know and on top of all the new features arriving in MYOB software? If you’re an Australian advisor, you can find out about the Partner Program here. Or, if you’re based in New Zealand, see here.