MYOB Partner Roadshow 2022


17th November, 2022

MYOB Partner Roadshow 2022: A whistle stop tour of NZ

With restrictions ending, MYOB headed back on the road to deliver a series of exclusive events for accountants and bookkeepers. Here’s what happened at the MYOB Roadshow events in 2022, writes Jody Sitters.

For more than two years global events have transpired to keep us apart. Now, in 2022, we’ve been able to return to in-person events, giving us a long-awaited chance to meet with our valued accounting and bookkeeping partners and reveal what we’ve been working on.

So, with less than a month since the launch of MYOB Business in Aotearoa New Zealand, MYOB hosted three separate roadshow events, taking our product showcase on tour to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Each of these exclusive events brought together our closest partners to get a taste of what’s on offer for them and their clients at MYOB.

For those who didn’t attend, here’s my overview of the proceedings.

Celebrations and (software) demonstrations

The primary goal of our NZ roadshows was to celebrate our relationship with our partners — the accountants and bookkeepers who have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to stay on top of new compliance measures and advice, helping to keep their clients’ afloat through difficult times.

MYOB Partner Roadshow in Auckland
Speakers at the Auckland leg of the Roadshow enjoyed presenting to a full house. Photo: Supplied.

From the electric atmosphere at each of the events I could tell this goal was met. Attendees were eager to get in the room and confer with their peers, and the end result was a feeling of excitement.

Our other aim was to give these partners a closer look at what we’ve been working on over the past few years, giving our partners an exclusive look ‘under the bonnet’ of the recently launched MYOB Business.

To kick off each of the one-day events, presenters including MYOB Head of Go To Market Jo Tozer walked attendees through the ‘good digitisation’ journey and how it lends itself to what MYOB is delivering through our platform.

The second half of the event agenda was brimming with software demonstrations, each aimed at showing the benefits of digitisation at work. We also had the opportunity to offer a deep dive into MYOB Practice and show how partners can use it to better manage their clients’ files.

Of particular interest were the new payroll features released within MYOB Business, given that payroll management is an ongoing concern for many NZ-based employers. The new tiered pricing structure for MYOB Business also garnered a lot of attention, with many attendees expressing how eager they are to migrate clients onto it.

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What’s new in the Partner Program

To round out the roadshows, Dale Dixon, Leanne Berry and I had the honour of walking attendees through the recently revamped features and benefits of the MYOB Partner Program, which is designed to support and incentivise accountants and bookkeepers to support more clients using our software.

Those features included our new system for achieving Partner Status Points, which we know our partners have been waiting on for some time, and giving us the opportunity to demonstrate these changes to MYOB Practice and the MYOB Partner Hub.

You can find out more about the updated Partner Program, how to earn points and what you can redeem them for on the relevant MYOB Help page.

A very social send off

After a full day of talking shop, it was only natural that we’d close out the roadshows with a soiree and it seems our attendees were all the happier for it.

With great food and drinks on offer, conversations about the business of accounting and bookkeeping continued into the evening as the attendees caught up with friends and colleagues after months and in some cases years of absence.

While this series of single-day roadshows were relatively short and sharp, they were nevertheless a powerful example of how MYOB can bring our industry together to talk about the issues that matter most, as well as how our solutions address or support them.

And, looking forward to 2023, we can all hope to attend many more impactful, face-to-face events like these.

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