MYOB Business launch


4th October, 2022

MYOB Business: Here’s what you need to know

MYOB celebrates the launch of MYOB Business, bringing together the best tools and features for small and medium sized businesses into a single online platform.

Marking a big moment in MYOB’s ongoing evolution, a new redesign of its business management platform is now live online.

Highlighting the ongoing move to cloud-based solutions, MYOB Business brings together a rich feature set from its existing software into a single online environment.

In this article:

  • MYOB Business at a glance
  • Who is MYOB Business ideal for?
  • How much does MYOB Business cost?
  • MYOB Business for accountants and bookkeepers
  • What if I’m an existing customer of MYOB?

MYOB Business at a glance

MYOB Business is a repackaging of existing solutions designed to make it easier for customers to choose – and get the most value from using – the MYOB platform.

To deliver greater flexibility through solutions that are easy to understand, that offer true value for money and that can be customised to meet business needs, MYOB Business is designed to make it affordable for customers to not only get started, but to have ongoing flexibility as their business situation changes over time.

That’s why there are five subscription plans available, offering customers the opportunity to select the correct level of service they need, from accounting and reconciliation to payroll and inventory management.

The five MYOB Business subscription plans are:

  • MYOB Business Lite
  • MYOB Business Pro
  • MYOB AccountRight Plus
  • MYOB AccountRight Premier
  • MYOB Payroll Only

You can learn more about the features available for each type of subscription on the MYOB Business page.

Who is MYOB Business ideal for?

The MYOB Business range is designed for businesses from sole traders, to growing operations and even established companies of up to 19 employees.
Industries that will benefit most from these features and services include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Real Estate
  • Trade & Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Professional Services
  • Education
  • Healthcare

For businesses with more employees and more complex requirements, access to MYOB Advanced and other solutions for larger organisations are available.

How much does MYOB Business cost?

With MYOB’s new pay-as-you-use pricing, MYOB Business plans begin at as little as $22 per month in the case of the Payroll Only solution, plus $1.50 per employee.

Enhanced subscriptions including more feature sets are offered in pricing tiers, with payroll available in addition.

MYOB Business
Here’s a snapshot of MYOB Business pricing and features in New Zealand at a glance (click to enlarge).

You can learn more about pricing and the value each tier delivers on the MYOB Business page.

MYOB Business for accountants and bookkeepers

MYOB Business wouldn’t exist without the support of the business advisors, valued bookkeepers and accountants that provide feedback and testing services, and who themselves often work hands-on with the software every day.

This announcement means a new era in assisting your clients in getting their work done, no matter where they are, but there are also specific benefits for your practice, including:

  • Solution recommendation is easier, allowing you to manage more client services more seamlessly
  • Data is more centralised as all customer files come into a single platform, so you only need to learn (and train staff in) one way of working
  • Confidence increases as customers know they have software that can grow and evolve with their business needs

To get a closer look at what MYOB Business can do for accountants and bookkeepers, including access to MYOB’s new Partner Toolkit, see more on the website.

What if I’m an existing customer of MYOB?

If you’re already enjoying the use of MYOB’s existing software for small and medium businesses, such as MYOB Essentials or MYOB AccountRight, there’s no impact to your service or prices.

In fact, existing customers will still be able to upgrade and downgrade their subscription within their existing software.

Take care of all your business needs – from invoices to payroll – on one connected platform. Discover more about MYOB Business today.