MYOB for retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers


26th September, 2023

For retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers, finances always feel like a delicate balancing act.

From cashflow to payroll, business owners are constantly trying to get this right, regardless of industry.

Our Mid-Market Manufacture Business Report, though, found that half of manufacturing businesses we surveyed saw a rise in their revenue post-COVID-19.

This turns the attention away from how much money you make and towards how you manage your finances.

The business management platform you need

Because the MYOB business management platform is a centralised tool to manage all your key workflows together in one place, you can use this single platform to run your retail, manufacture, and wholesale business.

Offering a range of solutions, you can carry out everyday processes, work to scale your growing company, and stay on top of your finances all from one place, making organisation a breeze. 

Some of the solutions available include:

  • Automatic invoice creation
  • Track income and expenses
  • Ensure your accounts are legally compliant
  • Create automated timesheets
  • Track current stock levels
  • Streamline reordering when products are low
  • Get low stock level alerts
  • Create sales orders and supplier bills
  • Monitor best selling and lowest performing products

With products that are tailored to your retail, manufacturing, and wholesale needs, you can learn how to increase your sales, start managing your money, and improve your customer experience.

How MYOB can help retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers

With the financial year into full swing, MYOB is designed to help businesses looking to organise their finances (and other processes).

MYOB can simplify finances and streamline your tax and financial reporting.

You can even add your accountant to your MYOB account so they can access financial and tax specific information directly in real time, without the need to send any files manually.

If you’re in the retail, manufacturing, and wholesale industry, here’s more about how MYOB can help you get ready for the financial year ahead.

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Take charge of your finances

MYOB makes financial processes simple with step-by-step processes and useful features.

Store pictures of your receipts in one place, easily track all your business expenses, and save and send your invoices.

Inventory management, embracing the digital future

Manage your inventory

Track your best sellers, get alerts for low stock, and keep an eye on supplier orders and invoices.

MYOB registers the products you’ve promised your clients, too, making it easy to fulfil orders on time and with accuracy.

Gain an overview of your entire inventory and order management system for simpler processes.

Sales order creation

Sales orders are frequently used by retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers when they’re not ready to invoice but want to detail the price, quantity, and goods/services provided for the customer.

Using MYOB, you can easily create professional sales orders using pre-saved client information. 

Watch your money

It’s likely that you’ve got a constant flow of expenses from purchasing products and income from sales. To set yourself up for a stress-free year, stay on top of your cashflow from week to week.

Watch your money using real-time bank feeds, syncing all of your accounts onto one platform. You’ll be able to see if your cashflow is working as it should and keep tabs on your bills.

Third-party app integration

Integrate third party systems and create a comprehensive picture of your entire business. Stream data from your eCommerce shops, POS data, and sales transactions for an overview that makes management a breeze. 

Simplify your payroll

A payroll system ensures your team is paid when they should be and you’re keeping track of your expenses.

MYOB’s payroll software allows you to do this and more, with timesheets, employye onboarding, and everything you need for tax and superannuation purposes.

Transform business management

With MYOB, feel empowered to do more in less time. From automating bill payments to quickly sending out invoices, we make it easier for you to complete administrative tasks and focus on your big-picture goals.

You’ll have confidence to take charge of your money, the time to gain more customers, and the knowledge to organise your staff.

First-time CEOs will be guided through the basics of running a business and experienced entrepreneurs will have a new way to stay on top of their to-do list.

Business management hasn’t always been easy, but MYOB makes it simpler.