New courses for MYOB Academy


28th April, 2021

New courses to help you get the most from MYOB – April 2021

No matter what business you’re in, MYOB Academy helps you get more out of your software with a wide range of short courses, covering everything from invoicing to EOFY.

Within the latest releases on MYOB Academy, we have created several courses that explore all the new capabilities of AccountRight – a software that streamlines the processes of invoicing, inventory, payroll, bills and expenses – and it’s now available in your browser.

The integral features of MYOB Essentials, which allow you to manage your business anywhere at any time, have also been broken down into bite-sized lessons, making it easier for advisors and their clients to upgrade or migrate into MYOB no matter what system you’re currently using.

Read on below to see the best courses covering the latest features in MYOB software that were added to MYOB Academy in April.

Day-to-day with MYOB Essentials

If you’re looking to more effectively run and manage a small business, these courses are a great place to start. They explain each of the smart features in MYOB Essentials that save you time each day by automating your business admin.

Create a bill in MYOB Essentials
Create a Bill: Get step-by-step instructions on how to create a bill in Essentials, with visual examples provided.

Create a Bill (15 min)

  • Information to include on a supplier invoice
  • How to upload a supplier invoice
  • How to create a bill with In Tray
  • How to manage your payables

Create an Invoice (15 min)

  • What needs to be included on an invoice
  • How to record an invoice
  • How to email an invoice
  • How to manage your invoices

Add your Bank Feeds (10 min)

  • Find your provider to see how frequent their bank feeds are supported
  • How to start the application process
  • How to complete the application
  • How to link a feed to an account in your accounts list

Create Contacts (10 min)

  • How to create customer contacts
  • How to create supplier contacts
  • Where to create contacts ‘on the fly’

Create Items (10 min)

  • How to add products that you buy and sell
  • How to add services that you sell
  • How to create items ‘on the fly’
  • How to use items in transactions

AccountRight in a browser

Accessing AccountRight in a Web Browser (60 min)

MYOB AccountRight is a straightforward software that streamlines the business processes of invoicing, inventory, payroll, multi-currency, bills and expenses; all of which is now available through internet browsers.

Recommended by accountants and bookkeepers for account sharing, reporting and inventory, the new AccountRight browser experience is particularly good for advisors of business clients, as it lets them work the same way across existing AccountRight and Essentials accounts, now from anywhere and on any internet-enabled device.

This free webinar acts as a brief introduction to the new features available in the browser version of AccountRight. With limited seats available for each session, we will discuss the AccountRight journey so far, how to navigate the browser, new features included and features still to come. Plus, you will get the chance to ask your very own questions to our experts.

Book your virtual seat here before it’s too late.

Access AccountRight from your browser
Access AccountRight in a web browser: Watch quick videos that break down each of our new features.

Access AccountRight in a web browser (20 min)

Follow up our webinar with this short course that clarifies some basic knowledge you should know before jumping into the AccountRight browser experience. Understand what the browser looks like, where to find essential features, what to do before logging into the browser, and then browse through some answers to frequently asked questions.

Day-to-day with AccountRight (180 min)

Whether accessing it through the desktop application or through a web browser, AccountRight is ready to help you make the most of the workday. If you have a new team member eager to learn, or just need a refresher yourself; this Pathway will explain a wide range of features and how they all work, so you can get the most out of AccountRight:

  • Create an invoice
  • Receive payments
  • Adjustment notes
  • Process purchases
  • Pay bills
  • Prepare electronic payments
  • Spend money
  • Receive money
  • Prepare bank deposits
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Reconcile smarter with bank feeds
  • Get the most out of AccountRight

Make upgrading a breeze

Migration-Upgrading (15 min)

For accountants and bookkeepers, this helpful lesson guides you through the process of migrating your clients to MYOB, whether they’re moving from a pre-existing MYOB software or from a competing service.

How to upgrade to the latest MYOB software
Migration-upgrading: Get advice from industry experts.

You will learn what key information you need when advising clients about migrating to MYOB, discover the different methods of migration based on where your clients are coming from, and witness a demonstration on how to prepare for a migration or upgrade.

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