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Nothing beats the OG at tax time: Get MYOB Business Lite from just $5/month

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Illustration of the MYOB Capture App. Take a photo with your phone and the app will pull the details and add them to your software. You can even add notes to remind you of the details later on.

Easy, paperless expense management

With the MYOB Capture app, you can snap a photo of your receipts and the details will be captured and automatically filed in your software. No need for that shoebox of receipts!

Feature | Expense | Get (and stay) ready for tax time

Get (and stay) ready for tax time

Stay ready for tax time, any time. With MYOB Business, every bill and expense is matched to your bank transactions and all receipts are at your fingertips. 

Feature | Expense | On-charge costs with a click

On-charge costs with a click

Assign expenses to a specific job or customer to ensure you recoup the costs. Then when it's time to send your next invoice, all you have to do is add the cost, review and hit 'send'.

Feature | Expense | Connect with more than 130 bank feeds

Connect with more than 130 bankfeeds

We have partnerships with more than 130 bankfeed providers, including the major banks and credit card issuers. Reconciliation has never been safer, faster or more efficient.

It's easy to get started with MYOB Business Lite

MYOB Business


For sole traders and small business with up to 2 employees.

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    Create and send unlimited professional invoices and quotes
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    Track income and expenses
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    Add payroll for up to 2 employees (extra $1.50/month per employee)
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    Track GST and lodge BAS
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    Scan and store receipts
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    Connect up to 2 bank accounts
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    Manage tax and basic reports
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    Track jobs
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    Accept payments
Save $208 over first 8 months
$31/month after offer period

All your questions answered about MYOB expense management software:

Is there a minimum subscription period?


Nope. And there are no locked-in contracts either. Simply pay for your MYOB Business accounting software plan on a monthly basis with peace of mind that you can cancel at any time.

Plus, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you decide your plan is not right for you.

How long does it take to set up?


Just a few minutes — honestly.

  1. Choose the software plan that's right for your business

  2. Sign up to access your software immediately

  3. Log in to your software. Once you've logged in, we'll guide you through the set-up so you can spend less time on admin and more time doing what you do best.

What types of reports does MYOB Business offer?


The types of reports you have access to depends on the software plan you choose. Find out more about our reporting inclusions.

Can I give access to other people?


Absolutely. You can share your account with your accountant, bookkeeper or business partner at any time at no extra cost.

You can also adjust their access level so you can control what they can see or do.

Can I track jobs and bill customers by time?


With MYOB Business Lite or Pro, you can track a job's progress, profit and loss, and expenses. If you'd like attach individual budgets to each job you track or to bill your customers based on time*, check out our MYOB Business AccountRight Plus and Premier plans.

*Time billing available only available in AUD and NZD currencies.

What is expense management software?


Expense management software helps you manage the bills and outgoing costs you generate from your daily operations. Some software performs additional tasks, like digitally storing information from your receipts (in a click), automatically matching purchases to bank transactions, or assigning expenses to a specific job or customer. 

What are the benefits of expense management software?


Expense management software makes doing the books for your business easier. Instead of collecting and managing piles of faded receipts and manually inputting the details, information is automatically matched to transactions and stored securely in your software. Expenses are associated with their related jobs and more easily tracked – accurate and automatic, just the way you like it. 

How do I use expense management software?


This depends on the kind of expense management software you have. Usually, you’ll connect your bank account to the software so transactions can be automatically reconciled. You’ll store your receipt information digitally (often by taking a photo) and if your software is clever, those details are prefilled for you automatically. It's just a matter of setting things up and going about your business! Handy!