Last-minute gift ideas.


12th December, 2018

8 last-minute gift ideas for staff, family or friends

Realised you left someone off your Christmas shopping list? Or perhaps you left all your gift buying to the last minute? Whatever the reason, we’ve curated a list of great gift ideas for you to consider.

The festive season is renowned for celebrating sunshine, good food and great friends. And what better way to celebrate friends than with a token of appreciation?

And, as the weather heats up, so do our hip pockets (as a result of the increased friction caused by constantly buying stuff).

Every year, Kiwis spend big in the lead up to the silly season, with pre- and post-Christmas sales remaining a significant revenue driver for the nation’s retailers.

If you’re the sort of person that has all their Christmas shopping completed by Boxing Day of the year previous, this article isn’t for you. But if you’re still frantically trying to think of that last perfect gift idea for an employee, colleague, friend or distant relative, the following should be of interest.

The below list contains a variety of products perfect for an end of year gift, as well as a link to a local stockist.

10 gift ideas for every type of personality

1. For the home chef extraordinaire: Farro Fresh

Gift hamper from Farro FreshEvery team or friendship group has at least one zealous foodie in it. You know the type: always sharing recipe ideas and talking about their new icecream maker?

Well, the good news is Farro Fresh has just about everything this person could want to put on their ultimate holiday spread.

Whether it’s a bottle of wine or even a specialty Christmas hamper, you’ll find plenty on offer from this fresh food retailer with most options available for online purchase.

2. For the thirsty executive: Glengarry Wines

While this brand name may have only a passing resemblance to the Hollywood movie ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’, their enthusiasm for closing sales is just as strong.

So if you have a boss that appreciates closing a deal with a classic vintage or a nip of scotch on a Friday afternoon, a drop of something from Glengarry Wines is likely to be a winner.

3. For that, like, totes random Secret Santa: The Pressie Box

OK, everyone’s found themselves in this situation before. The office is having a ‘bad santa’ or ‘secret santa’ or some other form of anonymous gift exchange and you just don’t have a clue what to get. Sound familiar?

Luckily, The Pressie Box has a wide array of affordable selections of gifts to suit just about any budget. Each gift box comes packed with goodies, and with so many options on offer you’re bound to find something to fit the bill in a hurry. Visit The Pressie Box website to get started now.

Edible blooms Christmas tree4. For the incorrigible sweet tooth: Edible Blooms

It’s easy to get this person a box of chocolates and, truth is, they’re probably get half a dozen or so before the year’s out.

Why not amp up your lolly giving with a bouquet of chocolate from Edible Blooms? This retailer specialises in making works of art from chocolates and other sweets, and they’ll be sure to make your gift-giving abilities stand out above the competition. Check out their website here.

5. For the daredevil: Red Balloon

A popular marketplace for buying novel experiences, Red Balloon’s gift cards have become a mainstay in the stocking stuffer category in recent years. And for good reason.

By rounding up world-class experiences like car racing, skydiving and much, much more besides, Red Balloon is a one-stop shop for anyone want to give the gift of unforgettable memories this Christmas.

6. For the bargain hunter: GrabOne

This is less of a gift for them and more of a gift for you!

Rather than scouring the internet for quality gifts on a shoestring, GrabOne rounds up all the best deals across a massive array of product categories to put all the best products in one place.

From toys, gadgets, gizmos and just about everything else, GrabOne is a great place to fossick for the last present or two on your Christmas list.

Gift cards from Gift Station7. For the “just give me money” guy: Gift Station

Talk about hard to buy for! This is the employee or colleague who loves to intimate they “don’t want anything” and to “just send money” instead.

I mean, begging for a bonus is one thing, but turning down gifts is a real drain on the Christmas cheer, so we recommend you consider a gift card instead.

epay’s Gift Station carries gift cards from a variety of leading NZ retailers, so you can get a useful gift without dictating exactly what the receiver ends up getting. Problem solved!

8. For the cowboys and cowgirls: Horse Trekn

Know someone adventurous in the office who could use a weekend getaway? Booking a riding tour with a group like Horse Trekn could be the perfect stress reliever for them.

Based outside Waitangi Bay, Horse Trekn offers a uniquely beautiful way to explore the Bay of Islands. Hoof it over to the Horse Trekn website for more details.