Introducing MYOB API

1st January, 2015

After successful testing, we’re rolling out our application programming interface (API) to developers. It will start with AccountRight and AccountRight Live products.

What this means is you now have access to AccountRight and AccountRight Live data files so you can integrate your software with ours, or build an entirely new app or software on top of our accounting software.

Create an awesome financial dashboard, an e-shopping cart that integrates with your MYOB accounting software, or a warning system that flags dubious transactions; the choice and limit is yours to decide.

And this is just the beginning. Over the coming year, we will open up more APIs for our other range of products.

What about MYOB ODBC?

Our partners have been using ODBC for years to access our software files. But ODBC is limited to Windows based applications.

With our API, developers can create or integrate software with any programming language, on a number of platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even Windows Mobile.

We will continue to support ODBC on previous platforms, but our latest AccountRight will not support ODBC.

How do I get started?

Our API is available via the technology company’s open beta developer program, with more than 65 developers already on board.

As an API partner, you will be included in our existing Developer Partner Program with 500 partners in Australia and New Zealand already. We offer 3 membership levels:

  • Open (Free): This entry level membership includes free access to the API and tools to bring your app to market.
  • Developer ($996): Benefits include free software entitlements to all MYOB business management solutions including AccountRight Live and LiveAccounts, free product support, unlimited developer support, access to API cloud services, and continued access to ODBC driver.
  • Premium ($2,200): As above, plus more benefits including free access to events, product certification and marketing tools and services including logos and premium listings.

Register your interest at our developer portal: MYOB API Developer Portal. Or, test drive our products including AccountRight to see what our software can do for you.

PS: Our API team is also on Twitter. Follow us @MYOBAPI