It’s fast and easy to move to MYOB online

2nd May, 2017

On the fence about making the big jump from desktop to online accounting software? You may as well be on the fence about making your life easier.

Many business owners are still using desktop versions of MYOB software, and while MYOB will definitely continue to support those users, the advantages of moving online are seen every single day.

From the ease of use, eliminating data entry, mobility and getting rid of the dreaded shoebox – cloud accounting simply stack up.

However, many desktop users who I talk to have one simple concern about moving online: the cost.

The expense of doing so is included in your subscription so you’re paying no extra to make the switch.

Desktop users who are pondering the switch also worry about the hassle of moving their files into another system, but they need not be.

MYOB makes the whole process seamless – even if you’re moving from one accounting software package to MYOB.

So there’s no extra cost to make the switch to MYOB Online and it’s easy as pie – still not convinced?

More flexibility and mobility

Have you ever been at a party on the weekend and had a gnawing voice at the back of your head telling you that you forgot to check on some key invoices?

Sure, you can check them on Monday but that’s not going to quiet the voice. It will be like an ever-ringing telephone just waiting to be picked up.

So, if you’re a desktop user you essentially have two options: wait until Monday and put up with a weekend of mystery or scurry back to the business immediately.

For online users, there are a multitude of new options.

For one, you can check immediately from your phone, laptop or tablet. Or, you can call your bookkeeper or accountant and get them to check in on your books.

Those who have made the move now laugh at the old way of doing things, as online accounting has freed them from the shackles of the one desktop system.

Data entry done for you

The limitations of a desktop accounting package are substantial when it comes to financial information.

It can take hours to manually complete data entry on transactions and then reconcile that against bank statements.

If you’re on one of MYOB’s online products, the program will automatically match your bank transactions with your sales, and expenses and payments.

Data entry is almost obsolete with live feeds of your bank accounts and credit card transactions flowing automatically into your online accounting software.

MYOB BankFeeds™ reduces human error and ensures that the information contained in your MYOB online accounts are accurate and reliable.

This all equates to ensuring you do not over or under pay your tax obligations.

Are you finding that accuracy is an issue? Once you use MYOB BankFeeds, you’ll never look back.


Add-on solutions are the secret sauce which can well and truly make a business go to the next level.

For example, Squirrel Street enables businesses to upload receipts immediately.

Are you somebody who loses their receipts in between the couch cushions or has a pile of them…somewhere on your desk?

With Squirrel Street, each time you do things like get some more fuel or buy stationary you can take a photo of the recipt immediately.

Then, a couple of clicks later its uploaded to your MYOB online software and ready to be used to reconcile against bank statements.

I know from experience that the ATO and IRD loves having electronic invoices to match up with transactions in the case of an audit.

Business has never been more competitive than it is today. You owe it to your business and your staff to use only the best technology.

MYOB online accounting not only saves you time, money and reduces your risk, it allows you to focus more on the growth of your business instead of administrating it.

Make your business work smarter by moving to MYOB online and embracing technology today.