I want you to Roadshow me the way

13th January, 2015

With apologies to Peter Frampton, it’s Roadshow season for the accounting industry in case you hadn’t noticed.

How should attend?

When I’m asked who should attend MYOB Roadshow, I skip the obvious answer (every accountant and bookkeeper in Australasia) and instead offer a more considered segment. I usually say it’s for accountants and bookkeepers who recognise the industry is changing and want to know how those changes are going to affect their (and their clients’) business.

In my opinion, a software company’s roadshow-type event is an opportunity for that company to say: “Here’s where we see the future heading. Here’s what we’re doing about it. Here’s why you should get on-board.”

I often hear of accounting practices basing much of their forward-planning (and I’m talking five-ten year plans) on the revelations at Roadshow-type events. That’s profound, humbling and terrifying. It puts enormous pressure on the software vendor to read the tea leaves correctly and present a clear, achievable plan for the long-term future health and wealth of its industry.

So why go to Roadshow?

I think it’s primarily for the opportunity to glean how things are likely to pan out for your practice going forward. I’m not talking about what software to recommend to clients (although it would be nice if you added MYOB solutions to your consideration set), and I’m not talking about which practice solution to use (although … see previous aside); I mean having the opportunity to see how these innovations and expected future trends are going to work for you.

For example, is it time to embrace the cloud 100%? What does that mean for your client-base? Will there be repercussions? How do I mitigate any security concerns? What about my mum and dad business clients?

Also, does the company’s vision resonate with your principles and practice philosophy? Is their vision aligned with yours? Are they trying to wedge your clients into a one-size-fits-all solution, or do they plan to continue to provide support for all shapes and sizes?

I hope you do get yourself and your team along to the various roadshows rumbling through your neighbourhood over the next few weeks and months. Not just MYOB’s but the other mobs, too. That way you’ll get an up-close ‘lay of the land’ feel for what’s coming, and make some sound business decisions on where you’re taking your practice (and with whom).

So, what are you waiting for? It’s running all over the country, so register for MYOB Roadshow today, or keep up with the tweets via #MYOBRoadshow