Looking towards the future of accounting

Without a doubt, 2014 will be viewed as the year that cloud accounting went mainstream. Businesses have flocked to online solutions in massive numbers, with cloud software such as AccountRight and Essentials Accounting outpointing desktop solutions by some considerable margin.

So what does 2015 hold?

What will the end-of-year summaries be reflecting on in December 2015? From an MYOB point-of-view, we’re focusing on helping improve how you connect with your clients. We want to ensure those connections are optimised and provide more value to your business than ever before. That’s why there’ll be a massive focus on MYOB Portal, the new online client portal for MYOB practice solutions, for example.

But what happens to those practices that decide not to take advantage of improving technologies? What does the future hold for those who cling to the attitude of, “This is how we’ve always done things around here”? What’s coming for those that say, “No more changes. No more new technology”?

That’s where the MYOB 2015 Roadshow keynote speaker, Michael McQueen, steps in. According to his website, Michael is ‘ … an award-winning speaker, social researcher and best-selling author. He has his finger on the pulse when it comes to emerging trends shaping business and culture.’

In other words, Michael has the ability to see where we’re going, and what happens to those who don’t go there.

One of Michael’s favourite stories concerns Switzerland; specifically what Switzerland is famous for. It’s a stunning example of what happens when a country fails to embrace change. He talks about it in this excerpt from one of his presentations here:

What are MYOB’s plans in 2015?

It’s why the MYOB team spends so much time at Roadshow talking about ‘the roadmap’ – the plan for the future. It’s so incredibly important for a company like MYOB – with such a deep market penetration amongst Australian and NZ businesses – to clearly and honestly articulate its future plans. After all, that future is inextricably tied with you – the accountants and bookkeepers that provide such valued support to those businesses.

You can book yourself and your team into the MYOB 2015 Roadshow today. It’s free, of course. You never know, attendance might just help give you a sneak peek into the new accounting future – one where we all connect and extend with greater value and efficiency.

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