5th January, 2019

What to expect from a regional INCITE event in 2019

Bookkeepers and accountants working in regional New Zealand are used to covering lots of ground in a short period of time. That’s why MYOB’s regional INCITE events are designed to do the same, which means more value for your time spent in transit.

We understand that living in a regional area doesn’t mean your time is any less valuable or your clients any less demanding than your counterparts in metro areas.

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That’s why we’ve invested more time and resource than ever before to ensure that every minute you choose to spend with us at a regional INCITE event is a minute well spent.


Over the past 12 months the feedback we’ve most commonly received from clients is: “We’ve heard The Connected Practice story, we understand the vision, but how do we put it into practice?”.

Well you’ve spoken and we’ve listened. New for 2019, we’re introducing a workshop component to our regional INCITE events where our team will guide you, hands-on, through the process of becoming a Connected Practice.

We’ll focus on tools that are available for you to start implementing right now and show you how you could soon be enjoying new levels workflow efficiency.

Local events

You’ve probably hosted events for your clients before, so you understand how time consuming and expensive hosting events can be. That’s why in this digital age, many companies focus their attention on the biggest centers, or online events that keep their overheads down.

We see things a little differently. We value the face to face time INCITE allows us to spend with our clients and we are committed to bring that event to you. We’re hosting 20 events nationwide between February and March to make sure as many of our clients as possible get to enjoy a hands-on, personal INCITE experience.

Tailored content with actionable advice

We understand that not everyone’s view of success is the same, so why should their journey be? Everyone who registers for INCITE will have the opportunity to develop, with support from our team, a personalised action plan that will help you address the areas most important to them in 2019.

We’ll provide the tools to assess your current workflows and identify pain points that you feel are a priority for your business to tackle in 2019.

With that information, and the support of the MYOB team, we’ll work together to ensure what you learn at INCITE is put into action.

Spend time with your MYOB team

While INCITE itself is only a half day event, the team that support your local area are committed to using it as an opportunity to spend one on one time with as many people as possible. That’s why INCITE attendees will also have the opportunity to book personal meetings with the MYOB team in the days around their local event.

We’ll be sending senior sales people, partner mangers, marketing specialists and consultants for both your practice solution and client solutions. If there’s anything you’ve wanted to talk to us about but haven’t found the time, MYOB INCITE is the perfect opportunity.

Network with your peers

We understand that in regional areas even more so than metro ones, building professional relationships with your peers can be key to the success of your business. The help, support and referrals that stem from strong local ties are critical.

That’s why we’re delighted that INCITE does such a great job of bringing the best, most forward thinking and dynamic local bookkeepers and accountants out in numbers.

We’re proud of the solutions we offer and the service we provide, but the support and guidance the MYOB community provides each other is something truly unique.

If you’re interested in advancing your business in 2019, INCITE is an event you do not want to miss.