5 tips for using social media at Partner Connect

23rd August, 2016

This is an exciting time of year for our employees, our partners and the exhibitors who’ll be attending one of the many Partner Connect events happening all around Australia and New Zealand.

It’s a time to learn about how MYOB is leveraging new technologies to develop exciting innovations in the accounting software space, but it’s also about like-minded people coming together to discuss a common passion for helping businesses succeed.

And what better way to engage in the conversation happening at and around Partner Connect (aka #MYOBPC) than to dive into the world of social media?

In order to help Partner Connect attendees leverage social media as effectively as possible, we’ve put together five tips that’ll help you on your journey.

1. Make a plan

Sure, you could just jump right into Twitter and start tweeting – there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you’re going to make social media work effectively for you at Partner Connect, or any other event for that matter, it’s probably a good idea to have a think about what your goals for the event are and put together a high-level plan.

Is your primary goal to leverage the expertise of MYOB speakers and fellow bookkeepers to get the most out of your bookkeeping software?

Is your goal to network with your peers?

Is it to meet up with exhibitors and learn more about some of the amazing MYOB add-ons out there?

Maybe it’s all of the above. Identifying your goals and keeping them top of mind will help you focus when you start engaging with people on social media.

2. Join the conversation at #MYOBPC

In the lead-up to Partner Connect, and especially during each event, there will be a lot of conversation on Instagram and Twitter using the #MYOBPC hashtag.

This is a great opportunity for you to open up conversations with peers and exhibitors about what you hope to see, things you have learnt, and what new and exciting innovations are happening in the bookkeeping space.

For those who aren’t active on Twitter or Instagram, don’t be intimidated. Set up an account now and familiarise yourself before Partner Connect. It’s much easier than you might think!

3. Join groups to network and swap notes

Social media is a great place to become a part of bookkeeping communities like the Bookkeepers Support Group Australia on Facebook or the MYOB Bookkeepers group on LinkedIn.

Before Partner Connect rolls along in September, why not jump on board, join the conversation and start networking with your peers. By the time #MYOBPC arrives, you’ll have a long list of bookkeepers with whom you’ve already got an established relationship. That’ll help make the whole experience more productive, and far more enjoyable.

4. Update your LinkedIn profile

There’s a very good chance that the people you meet online or in person at Partner Connect will look you up on LinkedIn. Put your best foot forward by making sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date.

Be sure to use a professional-looking photo, that you have a high-impact headline, and that your relevant work experience is filled out. Use the ‘Summary’ section of your profile to tell your professional story effectively.

Check out LinkedIn for more helpful tips.

5. Don’t forget to have fun!

Social media isn’t meant to simply be all about work… it’s meant to be social!

Take the time to enjoy yourself when engaging with fellow bookkeepers and exhibitors at Partner Connect. Feel free to use humour or post photos of your adventures on the day.

More than anything, Partner Connect is about having a good time and connecting with your peers.

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