3 BS-free reasons why you should attend MYOB INCITE 2017

7th December, 2016

Let’s not beat around the bush. My job is to get you to register for MYOB INCITE 2017.

So how am I doing?

Still not registered?

OK, so you’re obviously a little like me. You’re skeptical of marketing event-speak. You aren’t swayed by the usual event benefits. You prioritise your time over your wallet when deciding which events to leave the office for.

So let’s get to the nuts of why you should be there

1. No one else should shape the future of your business

Fast-paced, creative, original. INCITE 2017 mirrors the speed of innovation being experienced in the accounting industry.

This isn’t a corporate roadshow, and it is unlike anything experienced at an MYOB event before.

‘Own tomorrow’ isn’t just a nifty tagline, it’s a challenge to you to position yourself to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities the future holds.

2. Efficiency = opportunity

Want to take on more work? Offer new services? Spend more time on the golf course?

We’re committed to making transactional processing and compliance as efficient as possible, and we’ll be showcasing our latest developments.

What you do with your time is your business; giving you the opportunity to choose is ours.

3. Everyone appreciates good advice

Your clients respect you for your expertise, and they’ll love you for your advice. Through MYOB’s Connected Practice vision and our ever-expanding list of add-on partners, we’ll empower you to be the trusted advisor your clients need and introduce you to solutions that make client collaboration easier than ever.

So. How did I do? Ready to register?

Did I mention the free food? There’ll also be free food … but only if you register.

Go on, register. You know you want to…