Rubihawk for MYOB

Business intelligence, consolidation & insight via dashboards & interactive reports.

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Rubihawk for MYOB
  • One-touch consolidation of multiple MYOB environments / files
  • Easy handling of intercompany transaction in financials
  • Easy-to-use operational dashboards for customer / supplier / item analysis
  • Web-driven interface allowing non-financials users to see business trends

Rubihawk is a business intelligence suite that runs on top of MYOB and facilitates easy consolidation, reports, dashboards and analytics.

With a built-in scheduling engine, static consolidated operational, financial & exception report delivery can be automated.

Collaboration is built-in, so users can chat with each other and share comments on the same reports or dashboards.

Security is built-in, so that users in the financial, operations, HR and Sales departments don't automatically have access to reports outside their immediate realm unless configured to allow this by the environment controller (administrator).

Built-in SMS text messaging allows users to notify customers / suppliers of exceptions, conditions.

Dashboards with multiple levels of drilldown allow easy analysis of information.

Side by side comparisons allow easy comparison of one entity / region / period against another with no theoretical limit on the number of reports.

Rubihawk allows end users who are not familiar with MYOB to navigate information in an easy-to-understand way to provide business owners with good views of their business without imposing on the bookkeeper.

Job based P&L reports spanning unlimited time periods are allowed, comparing jobs side by side against another. Graphical budget-vs-actual reports with various summary levels and drilldown are provided.

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