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Connect Square with MYOB to automatically sync your daily sales transactions.

Works with:

MYOB Business

MYOB Business integrates seamlessly with Square so you can manage your entire business, all in one place. See MYOB Business plans and pricing.

Leverage the full benefits of Square’s point-of-sale and management capabilities with MYOB’s accounting platform, automating your sales data entry and bank reconciliation processes.

By connecting Square and MYOB, your daily transactions will be automatically imported, summarised, and populated to the appropriate account within your MYOB file.

Enjoy the benefits of our deep and flexible solution

Through our 100% free integration, the daily sync will summarise all your Square transactions in the form of an integration. Customise the invoice to your liking by choosing from a wide array of formats (including product-by-product or category). Captures gift cards, tips, surcharges, and relevant taxes so you can easily report GST and sales taxes incurred.

Automated bank reconciliation

Reconcile bank deposits easily by automatically separating out fees. Leveraging MYOB’s bank rules, fast-track your process through the auto-matching feature which will enable a two-click reconciliation process.

Benefit from our 5-star, certified support

We’ve partnered with Amaka, a professional accounting software integrations provider, to help deliver our deep and flexible sales sync integration. If you have any questions regarding the integration features or capabilities, you can visit Amaka’s setup guide or schedule a session with an Amaka Integration Expert for assistance.

Capture your historical Square transactions

New to the integration and haven’t gotten around to including your previous months Square data into MYOB? Sync up to one calendar year worth of historical sales and payment data to your MYOB account when activating the integration.

New to Square? Sign up for free before creating an integration.

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