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CreditorWatch Collect

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Improve cashflow and boost productivity with CreditorWatch’s automated accounts receivables collections tool. Save time, reduce manual tasks, get paid faster.

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MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Essentials
Apps Debtor Daddy - Hero

Poor cashflow? Spending too much time on collections? Overwhelmed by the number of overdue invoices to follow-up? CreditorWatch Collect (previously Debtor Daddy) automates manual collections tasks, streamlining the payment process for both you and your customers.

CreditorWatch Collect is a specialist accounts receivables collection tool that supports CFOs, Finance Managers, Credit Controllers and SME business owners to automate repetitive, manual steps from pre-reminders, right through to payments and reconciliation. Save time, reduce manual work and get paid faster.

Automating your collections process empowers your team to have more impact, giving them time back to focus on high value tasks. With one source of truth for your collections data, you’ll gain better AR insights and have confidence in your ability to protect and grow your cashflow.

Our collections tools allow you to quickly and easily implement a best practice accounts receivable process. Automate email pre-reminders to encourage prompt payment, send reminders per-account not just per-invoice to encourage full payment, include SMS into your reminders workflow and facilitate payment direct from invoices with a ‘pay now’ button. On top of this, you can be sure that the right tone, messaging and workflow is used for different customer segments as communications can be personalised and customised.


- automation software to take care of all the manual repetitive tasks such as email and SMS reminders.
- debtor dashboard to easily keep track of debtor activity and KPIs.
- online payments to make it easy for your customers to pay - include pay now buttons in emails and links to pay in SMS reminders.
- call queueing tool for those accounts that need more than email reminders. We help automate your call lists so you’re more productive and your calls are more effective.
- one-click debt collection escalation so you can send invoices to trusted debt collection agencies quickly and easily.
- AR Specialists so you can outsource to our team of experts when you just need someone else to take care of it all or for emergency cashflow situations.
- training and certification so you can be confident your team is following best practice and maintaining good customer relationships while chasing debt effectively.


Integration with MYOB software is quick and easy. On average integration is completed within just a few minutes.

Get started today with a free trial to see how you can get paid faster, smarter with CreditorWatch Collect.

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