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Phocas Financial Statements


Modernise your finance function and make your reporting more efficient and inclusive

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB EXO Business
MYOB Greentree

Phocas Financial Statements allows your finance team to share financial performance information across the business so people can manage their area’s expenses and financial KPIs proactively.

Data from your MYOB ERP system is fed directly into Phocas Financial Statements, leaving the MYOB data intact to ensure ledger data integrity.



Company-wide solution

Phocas delivers a company-wide solution that empowers users across all operations of the business.

Dynamic reporting

Phocas reporting allows you to create and automate any number of reports specific to your business, customised by content and layout.

General ledger security

Give branches and regional teams permission-based access to run their numbers and view their statements without affecting the general ledger.

Fast decision-making

To stay competitive, companies have to react faster to every situation. Financials can be reviewed in real-time so critical decisions can be made on the spot.



Live and dynamic user interface

Your critical financial data sits in a data analytics environment making it easier to analyse. The answers can be found quickly so you can be proactive and move decision-making forward.

Get a snapshot view

Visualise your financial ratios and KPIs to understand the performance of different entities or branches side-by-side. Build financial knowledge within your business.

Customise your view

Financial Statements (profit & loss/income statement, balance sheet and cash flows) can be customised to suit the company’s users from the board to branch managers.

Self-service reporting

With permissions, users can find answers to their questions themselves instead of relying on Finance and manipulate data to view information to make informed, timely decisions.


Phocas Financial Statements is a cloud-based, dynamic financial management reporting software and accessible via all web browsers, users can view their data on different devices



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