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Get to know Lightspeed

MYOB has partnered with Lightspeed: simple but powerful point of sale.

Waiter at restaurant counter looks at receipt. Beside her, a screen capture of the Lightspeed app shows options for dine-in, takeaway or delivery.

Offer dine-in, delivery and everything in between

At the counter, at the table, or at home: every customer order syncs straight to your POS, no matter how or where they place it. At last, a single source of truth for your orders, your menu and your inventory!

Chef at restaurant places order on counter, ready to bring to customer's table.

Speed up your service, no matter your workflow

Tailor service and kitchen workflows to your exact needs. Powerful, flexible production printing rules and digital displays keep the kitchen and the bar humming - even if the wi-fi goes down.

Customer at restaurant pulls out credit card to pay for order via eftpos machine.

Fast, reliable payments at the counter or the table

Handle all swipes, taps, tips, tabs and splits with a payment solution purpose-built for your hospitality environment. Card and digital payments automatically reconcile for next-level efficiency.

Lightspeed register links with mobile phone and desktop app, so you can see the latest sales figures and trends from your dashboard.

Reports and actionable insights wherever you are

From daily sales to COGS, and instant alerts to custom dashboards, keep an eye on the metrics that matter. See real-time data alongside historical trends to make smart decisions on the go and plan for the future.

Lightspeed connects with Uber Eats, shopify, tanda, MYOB, Boppin, Liven, Loke, Order Up, Wespac, Deliveroo, Doordash, Tyro, Preno and many more apps.

Connected to all the best business tools

Beyond MYOB, Lightspeed is tightly integrated to all the industry's best software and systems: an unbeatable suite of connected solutions. 

From online ordering and delivery to loyalty, rostering and reservations, Lightspeed has you connected.

Lightspeed smiling customer service representative wearing headset.

Backed by hospitality’s most loved service team

You'll have access to unlimited 24/7 local support for your business. From one-on-one onboarding sessions to webinars, demos and guides… you’ll find everything you need, when you need it, all for free.

MYOB and Lightspeed love to talk

Lightspeed syncs to MYOB Business so you spend less time manually entering and reconciling data, and more time growing your business.

Sync takings

Automatically sync finalised takings into MYOB, including revenue, tips, money in and out, gift cards and more.

Sync accounts and purchases

Sync account sales and purchase orders to MYOB to send invoices and receive payments using the built-in Accounts Receivables features.

Support advanced mapping

Map sites, products, payment types, tax codes and more to income accounts in MYOB to get detailed, accurate accounting data.

"Having Lightspeed as the point of sale which is in the middle of everything, is absolutely paramount for us to be able to grow"

- James Nathan CEO & Founder, Nudefish

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