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Shopify by Amaka

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Automate the flow of sales, inventory and COGS from Shopify to MYOB

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Built in partnership with MYOB, Amaka's Shopify + MYOB integration allows you to automate an array of workflows across your online and in-store business.

Save hours of time weekly with our deep and flexible Sales Sync, Inventory Sync and COGS Sync modules that facilitate the flow of your Shopify data into MYOB Business on a daily basis.

Across our daily sales sync, Amaka's integrations will allow you to capture your sales, inventory and cost of goods sold information. Whether you’re recording thousands or dozens of transactions per day, you can select between the summarised sales output or have each transaction captured on a per-invoice basis.

The inventory sync allows you to track stock-on-hand movements from sales or refunds that occur within Shopify inside your MYOB Business file. This will also occur on a daily basis, helping you understand the products that are selling best and those that are not.

The COGS sync also allows users to capture their cost of selling goods within their Shopify store.

Your data, your way
Have your Shopify sales data mapped to your existing sales, payment and tax liability accounts within MYOB, or leverage our default account mapping - in line with Australian accounting standards. When it comes to our inventory sync, map your Shopify products to already existing products in MYOB or have our integration create the link automatically.

Historical Sync
Back-date your sync and generate one sales summary invoice for each day in the past.

Get unlimited support from our 5-star rated team of integration experts
Book a 30-minute session with our CPA-trained support team whenever you need. From the activation stage through to technical assistance throughout the usage, leverage from our 24/7 support function.

About Amaka
Amaka is recognised as the gold standard in accounting integrations and automation. It is trusted by vendors and users in the global market as a result of the seamless, reliable and flexible integrations built by accounting professionals where manual encoding of transactions are no longer required. Amaka brings simple-to-set-up and affordable enterprise-level accounting automation tools for small-to-medium businesses thanks to its unique integration technology and support model.

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