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Accurate, automated, easy-to-use payroll software

If you're looking for a better value payroll option for up to 4 employees, go one better with MYOB, the OG. We think you’ll have zero regrets.

Single Touch Payroll, handled

Save time and stay in the ATO’s good books. With the click of a button, you can now generate and send Single Touch Payroll reports directly from your software to the ATO.

Manage pay runs all in one place with MYOB

Submit employee wages to IRD

Payroll compliance, simplified

Stay in the ATO's good books. Generate and send Single Touch Payroll (STP) reports directly from MYOB Business so you can rest easy.

Mobile screen with payroll submission. Button says "submit to ATO"

Calculate tax, superannuation and leave in just a few clicks

Automatically calculate payroll variables like superannuation, tax and annual leave all within your workflow. We’ll let you know with helpful error messages if we see something that doesn’t look right, like extra annual leave.

Feature | Timesheets | Get employees set up and ready to start sooner

Avoid dreaded data entry. Let your employees DIY their onboarding

Your new team members can submit their bank, tax and superannuation details through our secure online form. All you need to do is add their name and email. We will handle the rest.

Forget paper. Manage rosters and timesheets from your online software

Generate rosters to match your team's skills and availability, while ensuring your business stays compliant – all from MYOB Business.

The MYOB Business dashboard includes helpful information at a glance. This includes income charts, financial position graphs and details on your business bank accounts. All of this information is avaliable on desktop and mobile.

Only pay for what you use and need

As your business grows and adapts, so might your payroll requirements. Whether you employ one person or 4, you’ll only be charged for who you pay each month.

Get started with MYOB Business Payroll Only

MYOB Business

Payroll Only

For businesses that need standalone payroll for up to 4 employees

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    Automate pay, superannuation, tax and annual leave
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    Submit online reports to the ATO
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    Automated tax compliance
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    Manage timesheets and rosters online
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    Automated superannuation contributions
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    Remotely onboard employees
Save $72 over 24 months
$12/month after offer period

Manage your business on desktop or mobile

Access your information anywhere

Freedom to cancel at any time

All your questions about MYOB Business, Payroll Only, answered

Is there a minimum subscription period?


Nope. And there are no locked-in contracts either. Simply pay for your MYOB Business accounting software plan on a monthly basis with peace of mind that you can cancel at any time.

Plus, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you decide your plan is not right for you.

How long does it take to set up MYOB Business Payroll Only?


Just a few minutes — honestly.

  1. Choose the software plan that's right for your business

  2. Sign up to access your software immediately

  3. Log in to your software. Once you've logged in, we'll guide you through the set-up so you can spend less time on admin and more time doing what you do best.

Do I need to install MYOB Business Payroll?


MYOB Business Payroll Only is 100% web-based. No downloads required.

Can I change from MYOB Business Payroll Only to another plan later?


You sure can. If your business grows (congrats!) and you need software with more features like invoicing, expense tracking, or inventory you can upgrade your account in just a few clicks.

Can I use my MYOB Business Payroll Only account on my phone?


Yep. While our software is compatible with all browsers on desktop, mobile and tablets. We also have a handy iOS and android app you and your employees can use for checking rosters, timesheets and clocking on and off for the day.

Can I let other people access my software?


Absolutely. You can share your account with your advisor, accountant, bookkeeper or business partner at any time for no extra cost. You can also control what they can see and do by adjusting their access levels.

Is my data secure?


Yes. MYOB takes the security and protection of our customers’ data seriously. We use secure, encrypted channels for all communications between us and follow industry best practices including ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard.