Manage your employees with MYOB Team

Create rosters, approve timesheets, track worksite locations, and sync all the information directly to your MYOB software.

Save time and reduce risk with online team management

The app is a fast, simple and automated way of managing your employees' time. Online timesheets are pushed directly to your software, removing almost all data entry – giving you confidence in your pay run.


View timesheets and clock on and off

For employees

  • Real-time clock on and off with timestamped clicks
  • Track their location with worksite geo-location
  • Submit their hours for approval 
  • View their rosters and approved timesheets

Download the app

Create a roster for your team

For employers

  • Manage employees by location
  • Approve timesheets
  • Securely send the data to your software 
  • Share rosters and approved timesheets via the app
  • Invite others to help you manage employees

Set up MYOB Team

76% of employers find managing staff a challenge

There are two ways for employees to log their time


From their mobile phone

Employees can clock on and clock off using the MYOB Team app on their phone


From an on-site tablet kiosk

Set up a tablet kiosk to allow employees to log their time at a business premises

Set up MYOB Team in your software

Connect MYOB Team to your software so you can sync payroll information from the MYOB Team admin portal.

Set up MYOB team in your software

It only takes 5 steps

  1. Allow MYOB Team access to your company file
  2. Add your employees
  3. Setup business locations
  4. Add approving managers to locations
  5. Add employees to a location

Download the MYOB Team app for free on both Apple or Android devices