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Creates ABA files from MYOB Invoices and Deposits

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You would all know that Banks provide a Direct Credits system which allows businesses to pay their employees and suppliers electronically.

MYOB users can create the ABA file needed by that system using the Electronic Payments screen under the Banking Tab.

Similarly, Banks also have a Direct Debits system that allows business to collect money from their customers into their bank account. This is useful in order to collect recurring fees for subscription or services.

MYOB, however, does not have the functionality to create this second ABA file.

This is where DirectDebitsLink, an add-on to MYOB, comes in. Allowing you to create the ABA file necessary for Direct Debits.

DirectDebitsLink achieves this by using the invoices and deposits inside MYOB. As such, no duplication of data is required outside your MYOB data file.

With a few clicks of the mouse, the ABA file can be created and saved. Ready to be uploaded to your bank’s web portal.

Upgrade to the standard edition to streamline the process of recording customer payments by showing you outstanding invoices and allowing you to record the related customer payments in bulk.

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