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Known issues in MYOB Practice tax

Key points

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    This page shows issues that are frequently reported or high impact for MYOB Practice tax (NZ).

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    To check for MYOB services outages and to see if Inland Revenue (IR) outages are affecting us, see our status hub.

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    If you don't see an issue that you were expecting to find here, we may have moved it to the resolved issues page.

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    If you're looking for a rejection error that's not listed here, try the help page about fixing errors.

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    To see what features we've released, visit our what's new page.

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    If you can't find your issue, you can report it: in MYOB Practice, click the Help button (?) in the left menu bar, select Log a support call and complete the Support request form.

Status key:

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    Outstanding – we're investigating the issue.

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    Expected behaviour – Practice tax is working as intended.

List of known issues



Error 2373 in an IR6 when two beneficiaries or two settlors have blank IRD number fields
Area – Tax returns
Support ref – 01762380

Status – Outstanding

The following error is being incorrectly displayed:

Error 2373 “IRD number is repeated for another beneficiary or settlor. Enter a valid IRD number or select ‘TIN not required’.”

The error is incorrectly displayed when an IR6 has two or more beneficiaries or two or more settlors without IRD numbers, usually because they're from an overseas jurisdiction, and there's at least one other beneficiary or settlor that does have an IRD number.

The error shouldn't be displaying for blank IRD number fields.


Ensure you've entered a TIN, or select TIN not required in jurisdiction, then ignore the error and file the return.

Error: Something went wrong
Area – Data reconciliation
Support ref – 01757358

Status – Resolved

You may see an error when accessing the tax notices on the Data reconciliation page.


As a workaround, access the tax notices via the individual client.

Account name missing for client's bank account
Area – IR issues affecting MYOB Practice tax
Support ref – 00721529

Status – Expected behaviour

When your client has a refund, and you've refreshed their bank account into their tax return, your client's account name might be missing from the tax return.
This happens when there's no account name stored within myIR. Previously, IR didn't require you to enter an account name.
The bank account name doesn't need to be added if you are happy to just have the client's bank account number.
(15 July 2021)


If you want the account name to show, in myIR, delete the bank account and re-add the bank account with the account name. Then, in the tax return, Refresh bank details from myIR.

Missing data in tax statement, tax return and schedule report
Area – Tax returns
Support ref – 01585958

Status – Outstanding

The tax statement, tax return and schedule report are missing the client name, client code and IRD number.

Unable to create current year return after changing balance month
Area – Tax returns
Support ref – 00726134

Status – Outstanding

After changing balance month, the latest tax return year isn't available in the Add new window when the transitional financial year is less than 12 months.
This issue only occurs if there's a prior year return for the previous balance month. For example, a 2022 period return isn't available after changing balance month from June to March when a 2021 return exists for the same client.
(July 2021)
In myIR, prepare and file the return.

Filing statistics not available
Area – Compliance
Support ref – 00630784

Status – Outstanding

MYOB Practice Tax doesn't yet have the filing statistics functionality.
(April 2021)
In myIR, check the EOT statistics dashboard and filing statistics. Learn more about the unfiled returns report on the IR website.

Nil assessments aren't being automatically reconciled
Area – Reconciliation
Support ref – 00668253

Status – Outstanding

When you've got nil assessments, you'll still receive assessments in Unreconciled transactions.
(May 2021)
You can manually reconcile the nil assessments.

Quick tax calculator not available
Area – Quick tax calculator
Support ref – 00722890

Status – Outstanding

You might still be using the quick tax calculator in desktop AE/AO tax as MYOB Practice Tax doesn't yet have a quick tax calculator.
If you use AE/AO's quick tax calculator for 2022 and future years, the result might be incorrect, as the calculator hasn't been updated with the recent compliance changes. The calculator won't use the new top individual rate of 39% when income is over $180,000.

(July 2021)
For individuals with income over $180,000, you can use the MYOB tax calculator.