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Fixing errors in tax returns

This page shows you how to fix errors and warnings you may see when preparingvalidating or filing a tax return.

Make sure you validate your return before you file it and after you've fixed any errors.

1. Check for errors

The validation and rejection errors are displayed on top of your tax return. To see more details of the errors, click Show all and click the expand arrow (an arrow pointing downward) next to the error.

The expand arrow highlighted next to an error and the Show all option highlighted below the error

You can also click the error message, and when possible, it'll take you to the field where the error has happened.

If you've got a rejected return, make sure you select Send for rework before fixing it.

2. Fix the filing rejections and other errors

Click below to see common errors and how to solve them.

3. Validate again and file the return

Validate the return again, and if there are no errors, you can file the return.

The Validate button highlighted next to the Sync tax return data and Preview (PDF) buttons on the top right of the tax return page, and 0 errors highlighted beneath the Tax return option.

If you find more errors, repeat the process from Step 1.