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Support your efforts and your team with an intuitive ERP software

ERP software dashboard dashboard shows with all your data in one place. Can be used on mobile and desktop computer.

Gain more from your week with MYOB Advanced Business

  • Streamline workflows 

  • Automate financial processes  

  • Instantly show impact with real-time reports 

  • Support collaboration across teams 

Employees are spending more than 1 day a week on manual and repetitive tasks that can be automated

Feel confident in your decisions with complete visibility across your business. 

Your finance controller dashboard will show you pending transactions, recurring transactions, bank reconciliations. It also includes open contracts and projects.

Take a closer look at how we make business easier for non-profits and NGOs

Financial management


Easily track and optimise your financial health across all business activities.  

  • Improve compliance with a single source of truth 

  • Granular analysis for total transparency 

  • Track donations and fundraising efforts  

  • Easily manage cashflow with custom budgets  

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Resource and volunteer management


Tailor our intuitive CRM to manage your volunteer database and fundraising efforts.   

  • Maintain a complete history of sponsors, donors and important contacts 

  • Quickly populate leads straight from your inbox  

  • Integrate the CRM seamlessly with your ERP software for total control  

  • Streamline pipelines with task management tools 

Explore CRM features

Project accounting and management


More visibility over-funded programs and easily acquit to funding bodies 

  • Configurable program management structures 

  • Track labour costs to programs 

  • Easily manage program budgets 

  • Allocate program outcomes to your delivery teams 

Explore project accounting

Workforce management and payroll


Bring onboarding, timesheets, payroll and rostering together in the cloud. 

  • Easily manage time and attendance  

  • Automate timesheets and staff availability 

  • Grow your team easily with remote onboarding  

  • Let staff members submit leave requests  

Explore workforce management

Need custom solutions? We can adapt MYOB Advanced Business to meet your needs now and in the future

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Get to know the capabilities of our cloud ERP software

With all the good stuff like financials and reporting, you’ll gain real-time visibility and control of your business.   

See how others thrive with ERP software

Create custom reports with the data that you want to see. You can filter by categories, dates and more, for detailed Business Intelligence (BI) in an instant.

“The level of reporting and insights, it’s just above and beyond what we’ve ever had in the past. It puts us in a position where we’re able to plan, execute and see the results straight away.”   

- John Fawcett, Chief Operating Officer, Living My Way