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MYOB Partner Program

The MYOB Partner Program helps you strengthen your relationships with your clients. You can:

  • stay up to date on the latest MYOB products and services

  • earn discounts that you can pass on to your clients

  • gain recognition for the MYOB education you’ve completed

  • access tools that help you manage your practice.

Make sure you understand the details of how these benefits work by reading the MYOB Partner Program Terms and Conditions.

Partner Program summary

  • Points – Earn points for participating in activities like promotions, events, referrals and MYOB Academy courses.

  • Tiers – The more points you earn, the higher the status tier you unlock: Purple Partner, Silver Partner, Gold Partner and Diamond Partner.

  • Benefits – The higher the tier your practice holds, the more valuable the benefits you can access.

Partner Program details

Maintain your points, tier and benefits


Your status tier may decrease, stay the same or increase.

  • Your tier will increase immediately if you gain enough points to unlock a higher status tier.

  • Your tier will either decrease or stay the same on 1 January. It will decrease if enough of your points expire and you haven't earned enough new points to maintain your current status tier. Your points balance on 31 December will determine what status tier you will hold the following year, beginning 1 January.

To maintain your status tier, you’ll need to earn the points required for the tier. Check your points balance (see Check your points and status tier below) and continue participating in activities that earn points – certifications, active client files, referrals, promotions and events (keep an eye on your Partner program newsletters.) You have until the end of each year to earn points. The points you earn from participating in the program can expire at different times:

  • Events, promotions and education – one year from when you're awarded them

  • Referrals – at the end of each year (31 December)

  • Active client files – when a client cancels their subscription.

For example, let's say you hold the tier of Silver Partner because you have 100–159 points. There are three scenarios you might find yourself in on 1 January, depending on your points balance on 31 December.

Scenario 1:

Because your points expired throughout the year, on 31 December you now have 99 points. This isn't enough points to maintain a tier of Silver Partner (which needs 100–159 points), so on 1 January your status tier will decreases to Purple Partner for the year (which needs 0–99 points). 

Scenario 2:

Your previously-earned points expire, but you keep an eye on your points balance and continue participating in activities that earn points. On 31 December you have 100–159 points. This is enough points for a status tier of Silver Partner, so on 1 January you will keep your status tier of Silver Partner for the year.

Scenario 3:

Similar to scenario 2, your points expire, but this time you continue participating in enough activities to have 300+ points. Champion! Your status tier will increase to Diamond Partner immediately. If you've maintained these points on 31 December, on 1 January you will keep your status tier of Diamond Partner for the year.

Check your points and status tier


In MYOB Practice, the Partner Hub area will display your points and your practice's status tier.

"myob Diamond Partner" and "TOTAL POINTS 393" highlighted on the Partner Hub

To see the points that your practice has gained and the points that have expired in Partner Hub, go to Points activity > Points history.

The Points history page showing a list of expired and gained activities and their points

The points history doesn't show activity from active files. You can see total points earned from active files in the Partner Hub Overview, in the Activities summary section.

Active files row showing the points earned

Points from different activities update in your Partner Hub at different times.

  • Active file points update daily.

  • Referral points for the previous month update monthly.

  • Event points update within one month of the event.

  • Certification points update the day after you complete the certification.

To keep your status tier at the start of each year, you need to maintain the points balance needed for that status. Points expire at different times, so ensure you continue completing activities that earn you points.
See Earn points and rewards and Points expiry.

Points if you work with multiple practices


For security reasons, we can't link email addresses to your MYOB Academy account for you.

To make sure that the points you've earned are awarded to all practices you work with, you can link your my.myob accounts together. The linking account feature is designed to associate multiple accounts across different practices in MYOB Academy with the one person.

If multiple accounts from a single practice are linked, the points for that practice will be calculated as a single person, so make sure you are only linking accounts from different practices.

For the account link to work, you must have previously logged into MYOB Academy with any my.myob account that you wish to link.

To link your email addresses to your MYOB Academy account

  1. Log in to MYOB Academy using the account you want to use for learning.

  2. Go to your Learning Dashboard and, under Quick links, click Link/unlink my accounts.

    Quick links section showing the Link/unlink my account link

  3. Under Manager user links, enter the email address you want to link to your MYOB Academy account.

  4. Click Request link. You'll receive an email to verify your account.

    The email link will expire in 24 hours.

  5. In the email from MYOB Academy, click the link. Your accounts will now be linked.

By linking your accounts, the points you've earned through the certifications will be allocated to all the practices you work with.

Download your status and certification badges


Certified Practice badges and status badges for your practice

Download your status and certification badges from Partner Hub.

  1. On the left of MYOB Practice, click Practice (stack of three squares).

  2. On the Overview page, click Download status badge and select the badge you want to download.

Certification badges for individuals

After you complete a certification, you’ll receive an email from with a link to your Credly badge. If you can’t see the email, check your junk folder.

To access your badge, open the email and click Accept your badge. You’ll be taken to Credly’s website. If you don’t have a Credly account, you'll need to create one.

Credly digital badges provide a secure way of storing and publishing your earned credentials, and let your customers verify that your badge is genuine.

View your team activity

  1. On the left of MYOB Practice, click Practice (stack of three squares).

  2. At the top of the page, select Points activity and select:

    • Education – to see points earned from certifications

    • Events – to see points earned from Partner Program events

    • Promotions – to see points earned from promotions.

Issues viewing the Partner Hub


If you've just signed up to the Partner Program, you might need to wait one day (from your sign up) for the Partner Hub to appear. During this time, you can start setting up your team and giving them access to client files.

If you're still having trouble, in MYOB Practice, click the Help button (?) in the left menu bar, select Log a support call and complete the Support request form.