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What’s new in MYOB Practice

This page lists new features and improvements for all areas of MYOB Practice.

If you can't find one of these features or enhancements in MYOB Practice, clear your browser's cache and refresh the MYOB Practice tab. If you still can't see it, your practice may not have access to that feature.

User management

June 2024


25 June - User management improvements

MYOB Practice users without MYOB AE/AO only

It's easier than ever to add new users to MYOB Practice. You no longer need to create a my.myob account, and you can do all the setup steps from within MYOB Practice.

There are also two new permissions available to control who can manage practice users and online file access.

You may notice some updated permission and label names while doing user management tasks. For example, the Administrator permission is now Practice administrator, the Staff menu is now User and the Roles menu is now Permissions.

Read all about the details about adding users and assigning permissions.

Tax improvements

July 2024


2 July - Tax threshold changes for 2025 tax notices

IR3, IR3NR and unincorporated IR9 only

We've applied new rates for tax notices that use the estimation method.

The 2025 tax year uses transitional rates, and the final rates will be used from the 2026 tax year onwards.

Learn more about personal income tax threshold changes on the IR website.

May 2024


28 May - Improvements to how the Data reconciliation Period summary fields work

If the IR balance owing and Total IR assessment value fields have no value, the fields won't show any value and will appear empty. The fields previously showed a value of $0.00 if they had no value. Now the fields will only show $0.00 if the fields have a value of 0, rather than no value.

April 2024


23 April - Tax validation message

You'll see a message to warn you if you approve a tax return that has validation errors or hasn't been validated, with an option to continue or go back and validate.

Return validation message

23 April - More ways to filter lists to quickly find what you’re looking for

Filter and field updates

In the Compliance list only:

  • The Search field lets you search by client code.

In the Compliance list, Tax notices and Data reconciliation pages:

  • You can filter by Manager.

  • The Partner filter is available whether or not you have MYOB AE/AO.

  • The Staff member filter only shows a name, instead of a name and role.

Partner, manager and staff member filter on NZ Data reconciliation

Filter by the client’s office category

This only applies if you have MYOB Practice and MYOB AE/AO.

If you applied an office category to your clients in MYOB AE/AO, you can filter by office on the MYOB Practice Compliance list, Tax notices and Data reconciliation pages in All clients view. For example, if you want to find all tax returns from clients with an office category of Christchurch.

Office filter expanded
  • Tick

    Filtering Office by None will include listing clients that have the default office value of UNSPECIFIED in AE/AO.

  • Tick

    To see the Offices in the MYOB Practice Compliance filters, you need AE or AO version 5.4.50 (2024.0) released March 2024.

2 April - Tax compliance for 2024 is here!

You've got all the latest updates you need for the new tax year, including:

  • rolling over tax return and compliance settings data from the previous year

  • More pre-populated data from IR

  • rate changes

  • IR6 changes

  • other changes and resolved issues.

Learn more about the 2024 tax compliance changes.

March 2024


15 March - View all tax clients in Data reconciliation
All tax clients are now included in the Data reconciliation page and spreadsheet export. Clients with no account or period available will default to the current tax year for the period. Previously, you wouldn't see tax clients in Data reconciliation if they didn't yet have an account or period applied due to no available IR information.

January 2024


9 January - Focus on information in schedules with a cleaner interface
When you open a schedule, it'll expand to fill the whole browser tab. Other settings, menus and the client sidebar will be hidden. You'll see the client name, client code and IRD number above the schedule.

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