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Setting up your client's Compliance settings

Before you can prepare a tax return, tax notice or reconcile data for a client, you need to configure their compliance settings. Settings you change here will apply to MYOB Practice only.

If you've upgraded from tax in MYOB AE/AO, then we've imported your client's phone number, address, IRD number, family group and associations details into MYOB Practice.

A client must be a Tax client to prepare tax notices and retrieve Inland Revenue data for them.

Year-based compliance details

The AgencyReturn required and Extension in the Year-based compliance details section roll over from the previous tax year. The other year-based options will reset to the default. It's a good idea to check all compliance settings before you start a tax year.

IRD number

You can also use the Compliance settings to check a client's IRD number. To view the IRD number in the Compliance settings page, select a client on your client sidebar, and click the Settings icon (the grey cog) on the top right of the page.

IRD number in Compliance settings

There are also a couple of other ways that you can check IRD numbers.