Your end of financial year one-stop shop is open for business

27th February, 2015

There’s loads to know at this time of year: changes to employee allowances, software updates for your practice, software changes for your clients, new clients getting through their first EOFY. The following exchange may sound familiar.

It’s March. A Tuesday. A drizzly Tuesday. A client’s on the phone.

A CLIENT: “How much have I got left to spend on computers and stuff this financial year?”

YOU: “Well, hang on …”

A CLIENT: “And what’s the go with what the government was on about?”

YOU: “The uh … what?”

A CLIENT: “In the paper. You know – the staff thing!”

While the information you need at this time of year is available in various places online, wouldn’t it be nice if it was available in just one place? A place that shows the key dates at a glance, has resources to share with your clients, and includes links to the information you need to get the job done?

That’s what drove us to put together a one-stop EOFY resource hub for you and your clients.

The MYOB End of Financial Year hub combines everything we can find, build or broadcast to help you and your clients over the busy EOFY period. You’ll find:

  • How to update your client’s software
  • How to update your MYOB practice solutions
  • Key compliance and release dates
  • Learning and events
  • Technical support resources
  • Community assistance

Visit the EOFY resource hub

Take a look today. There’s plenty of new content going in week after week. I recommend bookmarking the page and checking back regularly. And do please let me know what you think in the comments below. Any suggestions? Improvements? We’ll do what we can to make this the drama-free EOFY you deserve!