Top 8 things business owners wanted to know about in 2016

9th January, 2017

Ever wanted to know what other business owners want to know about? We have a fair idea, and we have the analytics to prove it.

We’re in a fortunate position here at The Pulse that we get to publish stories every day that grab readers’ attention – and we’re able to track which ones are the most popular.

What the most popular articles on The Pulse for the last year reveal is that a lot of SME owners are seeking out practical advice for running their business.

So what are the things keeping SME owners up at night?

Read: Top 10 common GST mistakes in BAS reports you’re probably making

It turns out that business owners, whether new or established, are worried about filling out their BAS statements correctly.

These tips let us in on what the top mistakes are when it comes to accounting for GST – and how to avoid them.

Instant write off for small business assets under $20,000: how does it work?

If there’s anything people like, it’s a way to save cash.

It’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to save cash, particularly in a small business where a $20,000 investment is a fairly large one.

10 ways to increase your profit margins

What if there was a way for you to increase your profit without a massive ramp-up in sales?

Many small businesses are looking for ways to make sure they get the maximum bang for their buck, so it’s no surprise this story continues to be popular.

7 steps to a successful stocktake

This story contains a fundamental truth for many business owners: stocktake sucks.

Luckily these seven steps can help you avoid the mind-numbing work involved in a stocktake and help you make sure no mistakes are made.

Are your clients among the ATOs 20,000 doing their payment summary wrong?

Did you know as many as 20,000 businesses are filing their payment summaries wrong?

Earlier this year the ATO sent a very nice letter to businesses filing their summaries via CD, DVD or flash drive saying that they wouldn’t be accepting these forms anymore.

Instead, payment summaries need to be submitted online.

We’ll check in next year to see how many of the 20,000 got the message.

How much do I need to retire at 60?

Many business owners get into the game to provide themselves with financial security, so it’s no real surprise they’re very interested in knowing how much they need to retire.

If nothing else, this article is a timely reminder to invest in yourself as well as the business.

What you need to know about the new credit card surcharge rules

A new credit card surcharge crackdown from the ACCC took a lot of business owners by surprise.

Luckily MYOB was on hand to explain the changes, and what exactly the ACCC was seeking to root out.

What you can learn from Target’s $200 million stock shock

Can you imagine having $200 million in stock sitting out the back to be cleared?

How do you even begin to get rid of it without taking a big loss? More importantly, how do you avoid having so much stock in the first place?