Tips for getting the best from #MYOBIncite

3rd February, 2017

With our first INCITE event kicking off today, add-on whiz Keran McKenzie has some tips for getting the most from the event when it hits your town.

Keran McKenzie

Charged and prepared

In today’s age of gadgets and social media, the very first thought is to make sure that your phone, tablet and laptop are fully charged.

There’ll be a lot of great content and taking digital notes on your charged devices makes reviewing these and sharing with work colleagues so much easier.

I’d suggest that you make sure your power is full, your mobile data is topped up and any subscription-to-cloud note tool (like Evernote) is logged in and ready to go. This allows you to focus on capturing the event.

Take photos

Taking notes is great, but can be time consuming (especially when typing on a small phone keyboard).

Snapping pictures is fast and simple.

Get to the venue early to get a seat close to the stage so you don’t have to zoom too much to capture the slides. The beauty of this is you can quickly share the slides on social media too.

Take visual notes

A growing trend these days is to take visual notes during sessions rather than written notes.

This is particularly great for creative and visual types.

Effectively you are translating the session into a single visual image. I find this a great way of bringing the content into your world with context and application specific to you.

Explore the expo

MYOB INCITE is a great opportunity to explore the ecosystem partners who build solutions around the core MYOB platform.

For two hours following the core INCITE session, there’s a dedicated add-on session running.

This gives you time to engage with the add-ons and exhibitors, exploring how they can support your practice and help your clients.

Think about your clients and the areas in their businesses that they need help, support or improvements in.

With these in mind, explore specific add-ons.

Take photos with the exhibitors, capture their details and leave INCITE with a list of three or four key solutions that you will connect with again once back in the office, and introduce to your clients.

Get social

The official hashtag is #MYOBIncite – use it. You should be on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook if possible.

Capture the day, share the stories, take photos of sessions, take photos at booths, tag and share with friends.

This is a great way to connect with others in the industry and it builds a living document of your day.

You can easily then go back through your social posts and find content you want to reflect on later or share with your team.

Constantly ask “how can I apply this?”

With any conference, it’s easy to go through the day and be excited by the content, but the value is in taking it back to the office and applying it.

Take time during the day to pause and reflect on the content and ask ‘How can I apply this?’ or think about specific clients and think ‘This could solve X for client A’. Make a note of these so back in the office you can focus in on applying this learning throughout the year.

Have fun

It’s also time to have some fun, enjoy the show, mingle with peers, compare notes and share a moment in life.

Make the most of the day and enjoy it. How about a small challenge?

We have an army of MYOB team members and a range of awesome exhibitors, so challenge yourself to get to know at least one person that you can connect with after INCITE.

I know there’s going to be a lot going on each day, but I know it’s ultimately a ton of fun connecting with you all, sharing with you all and watching as partners, exhibitors and the MYOB team interact.