Take control of your cashflow with online invoicing

14th October, 2016

Take control of your cashflow with online invoicing

Nothing is more frustrating in business than waiting for payments to come in.

Chasing them takes your valuable time and late payments negatively impact your cash flow.

Want change? Take control of your payments with MYOB’s Online Invoicing.

Start collecting sooner

According to the MYOB Business Monitor, clients who use online invoicing get paid 32 percent faster than those that don’t.

Why? Because online invoicing is instant – instant to send, instant to take payment and instant to sync with your accounting software.

There’s no additional data entry and it allows you to keep a close watch on all of your receivables. You can even send invoices when you’re out and about through the On The Go app.

Track invoice activity

If a customer hasn’t paid, you need to deal with it quickly. All online invoicing activity shows up on your invoice page and allows you to track when customers receive, open and pay their invoices.

This ensures you can spend less time chasing outstanding payments and focus on more pressing business matters.

Impact your cash flow

Getting paid can take ages. However, MYOB customers have found when customers pay with PayDirect Online, the payments feature available in online invoicing, they receive those funds on average 13 days after invoicing.

PayDirect Online allows customers to pay invoices with a VISA or MasterCard.

It’s incredibly easy to use for both you and your customers, and highly beneficial as received payments are settled in your bank account as quickly as the next day.

Encourage your customers to pay their invoices using PayDirect Online by prompting them in your invoice.

Features and benefits of MYOB Online Invoicing


  • Send invoices directly from your online accounting software
  • Real-time invoice status tracking
  • Fully integrated with MYOB AccountRight and Essentials


  • Easier invoice processing
  • Improves your cash flow
  • Spend less time chasing payments
  • Accounts are updated in real-time
  • Track when customers receive, open and pay invoices

Learn more about Online Invoicing

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